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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Cellular - Misc. :: ddiinfo.txt

DDI Test Set


The Digital Data Interpreter (DDI) decodes digital computer transmissions
encoded on an audio signal and interprets the digital data as cellular
commands.  The input to the DDI is an audio signal like that from a radio. 
The output from the DDI is plain text over a standard serial data stream
at 9600 baud.  The DDI will work with a PC, simple dumb terminal, or will
communicate directly to some radios.

          CONTROL                             VOICE
 旼컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴커   旼컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴커 
  NAC=15                         Ring Phone                  
  555-4540 (312) Registration    Stop Ringing                
  555-4540 (312) GoTo 869.880    Disconnect                  
  555-4540 (312) GoTo 869.880                                
  555-3238 (312) Paging          Ring Phone                  
  555-0186 (312) Paging          Change Power to .25 W       
  555-8252 (312) Paging          Change Power to 1.6 W       
  555-0186 (312) GoTo 891.090    GoTo 890.220                
  555-0186 (312) GoTo 891.090                                
 읕컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴켸   읕컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴켸 

The left display shows a control message came in indicating the number of
access channels in the system is 15.  The GoTo command shows a request for
312-555-4540 to switch to voice channel 869.880.  The interaction
following on the voice channel, might be like that in the right box.  This
example shows the system is paging three people.  Upon answering a page
the respondent would be asked to GoTo a voice channel as is shown with
312-555-0186.  The above display has a number of filter options selected
to avoid numerous more mundane commands.

The right display shows the system requesting a phone to ring, then to
stop ringing and to disconnect.  Another session follows showing the
person in fact answered and is engaged in conversation.  During the
conversation the system requests the phone to change the power level
twice.  Eventually the voice channel is changed to 890.220 as the mobile
moves into another cell.  Once again this display had some filtering
options selected to reduce the types of commands displayed. 

                          DDI SPECIFICATIONS

The DDI requires audio input (3.55mm jack) from a radio or other source
of audio containing digital data.

The serial output will connect to any standard RS-232 device.  The DDI
transmits on pin 2 of a 9 pin male jack.  The output from the DDI is plain

The DDI requires 12 VDC at 250ma using a 3.55mm jack (tip +).
Many radios however do not provide a good signal from the speaker.  For
these radios a connection may be required inside the radio.

In some cases a part change is also required to slightly increase the NFM
bandwidth.  As an alternative for better quality and for radios where a
part change is not possible CCS offers a small unit to fit into the radio
to provide a good signal for the DDI without interfering with the radio. 
Three wires need to be soldered and the jack on the unit usually can be
mounted in the rear of the radio.

CCS can provide connection information for many radios.
Ask for specific information and prices for your radio.


When the DDI is connected to a PC, standard communications software (like
PROCOMM) may be used with the DDI.  The DDI comes with software for a PC
that may be used to perform advanced tasks.  For example, it can be used
to wait for only specific commands or phone numbers and take an action on
those commands.  The PC can be configured to keep a log of specific
events.  A radio that is controlled over a serial link may be connected
to the PC and the software will issue frequency change commands to the
radio.  A level converter and squelch detect for the ICOM radios is built
into the DDI.  Only one serial port is required for both the DDI and the
ICOM radio.  The following is a list of key software features:
       Two column display to maximize the data displayed.

       Select desired commands and numbers for display and logging

       Select criteria for following frequency changes.

       Scans channels based on user criteria.

       Automatically tunes and analyses data quality on each control

       Presents detailed information on cellular system parameters.

       General purpose scanning module included for non-cellular use.

                           ORDERING INFORMATION

                          DDI PACKAGES
The DDI Kit of parts comes with a PCB and all PCB parts.  A case, cables
and AC adaptor are not included.  The kit includes surface mount parts
that must be soldered.

The DDI subassembly is an assembled PCB.  This PCB may be used in a
customers custom test equipment.

The DDI commercial test equipment set is an assembled DDI installed in a
case with an AC adaptor and a 9 pin serial cable for a PC.

All three packages include the CCS IBM compatible PC software.

                         CONNECTION KITS
Kits are available with instructions and parts for connecting the DDI to
some radios.  Soldering is required and prices vary from $8 to $18
depending on the radio.  A generic kit is available that will work with
almost any radio but will require a review of the radio schematic.  CCS
will quickly respond to your questions about interfacing to the DDI before
and after a purchase.  Ask for a quote if you would like CCS to modify
your radio.

                          RETURN POLICY
The assembled DDI may be returned within 14 days for a refund (minus S&H). 

                                 ORDER FORM

DDI Kit of parts $295                         
PCB Subassembly $305                         Name:________________________
Complete Commercial       
   Test Equipment Set $330     ________      Address:_____________________

AR-3000(A) Kit $18                           City/State/Zip:______________
PRO-200x Kit $18 
AR-2500 Kit $8                               MAIL ORDER TO:
R7000/R7100 Kit $8 
Generic Kit $18                ________             CCS
                                                    P.O. Box 11191
Shipping & Handling (USA)                           Milwaukee, WI  53211 
UPS $10, UPS BLUE $15                                              
UPS RED $25.                                                       
Add $5 for COD                 ________

Discounts:                                          Wisconsin residents 
Subtract $20 for each                               add 5% or 5.5% sales 
DDI purchased after                                 tax.
the first DDI.                 ________

                TOTAL          ________

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