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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Cellular - Misc. :: dutchptt.txt

Match names put on Dutch PTT cellphones to their real makes and models

                                 Dutch PTT

        The Dutch PTT puts labels on phones by other manufacturers.


   * Marco Polo is an Ericsson GH337
   * Marco Polo + is an Ericsson 388
   * Pascal is a Siemens S4
   * Jazz is a Siemens S3com
   * Darwin + is a Nokia 2110i
   * Voyager (8 watts) is a Motorola 2200
   * Einstein is a NMT-900 Nokia 101
   * Vespucci is a NMT-900 Nokia 121
   * Columbus + is a NMT-900 Motorola Micro-tac II

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