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How one guy got 4 years of free service on his cellphone

From smyn31337@{removethis} Sun Aug 04 08:09:40 2002
My god. The exact same thing happened to my phone.

I got a phone, and sim card. But then accidently perm blocked the card. So i
order a new sim card. Register myself to that new sim. Nothing happened.
Tried the old sim and it was working again. After a week i realised i had no
credit and it was still working. When i buy credit it doesnt go down for
calls, just for SMS.

This was 4 years ago. Still works. The phone had loads of problems when it
started working again. I took it in to a network shop. They fixed everything
including CLI but said "If your getting free calls i wouldn't complain if I
were you. We can't do anything about it so you might as well make use of

"Viki" <> wrote in message
> If someone had a prepaid cell phone purchased in NYC and kept the
> account open for some time even though not reloaded or in use for
> sometime. Then they purchased a new phone and had it registered and
> bought minutes in the Southeast US. Then the phone started screwing up
> and repair dept had them punch in a series of numbers and then
> suddenly the cell no longer uses the minutes stored for deduction and
> the balance remains the same no matter how long or where the phone is
> used (this goes for 411 and long distance calls) and the phone number
> used is still the original NYC number although being used in the
> dirty, dirty south. Is it possible that this still working cell phone
> is no longer registered on the billing networ but still registered on
> the whatever cell phones are on network? Or on neither network? Also
> how does this affect GPS? Tracing? Tapping?
> Another interesting note is that *67 doesn't work so the NYC number
> always shows up and can't be blocked. Is this a contributing factor.
> How accurate is GPS location identification if cell phone is being
> used from a hotel and pigs don't know which room. Isn't it only good
> for a 50 ft circumference.
> Would it cost too much to do all this for an escort service or other
> questionably "legal" business enterprise? Even if they've pissed off a
> county donut chief or similar?
> (No viable info here is exactly accurate but close enough to relate
> necessary info)
> Thanks a mill.
> ~Vikivain

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