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Receiving Inmarsat

Date: Mon, 06 Sep 1999 13:42:01 +0200

Receiving Inmarsat

Dear Doc:
Thanks to your information I got the Inmarsat AOR. Since I could use
AFN-radio as a 24h-indicator, it was been esay to locate the bird. Now I
tried very hard to find the IOR-Inmarsat. I believe it is on 64 east, but
did not find any signal on 1537 mc. Do you know of any frequency-indicator
to tune in? Which one is more exiciting, AOR or IOR?
thank you, C.C.Rubin

On the INMARSAT 3F1 at 64 degree east (at the moment at 63.90) is the
AFN-radio not present. Instead you can use a data-stream on 1537.745 MHz
which delievers a constant strong signal as indicator. For INMARSAT A
reception you got 339 channels in 25 kHz-spacing (ch.1=1535.025 and
ch.339=1543.775). Diificult to say which one delivers the more exciting
traffic. to me it is the IOR-INMARSAT. It is to us European more excotic
and the dangerous Strait of Malacca is the source of many emergency calls.
I do not know your location in Europe, but the 3F1 delivers at my place
(51N/6E) strong signals. I just finished a small booklet about receiving
INMARSAT A-traffic in the german language (its called something like:
Inside INMARSAT-A Traffic in Theory and Practice) and will hopefully
available in the english language in due time.

-- Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)

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