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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Cellular - Misc. :: pgrclone.txt

Pager Cloning and More

Pager cloning and more Published on 02/20/03 at 11:53:02 CST by mr_doc   Phreaking Okay, dust off your old pagers. Here are a couple of things you can do with them.

Clone other peoples' pagers? Yeah, it's easy. If you can get a Radio Shack employee to say `I don't know' then you can probably do it.

There are two main paging systems widely used, flex and pocsag. The really old pagers are pocsag and the vast majority is flex. The flex system is a little slower, but more accurate and probably further coverage and cheaper too. The point is, if your victim has a pocsag pager you need a pocsag pager to clone it. If Vic has a flex pager, you need a flex pager. If you don't have the pager you need, ask for a used one at your local page mart. You could probably get one for $10 or less.

Now that you have that straight, you need to know the frequency and the cap code of Vics pager. Luckily this information is usually printed on the back of the pager near the battery door. The frequency will be around 929-931 MHz; for example 929.3875 MHz. The cap code is a six digit number sometimes preceded by a letter; for example 000576 or A345660. The ones beginning with a letter are definitely flex.

If the info isn't there don't despair, you still have options. Just tell Vic `Hey Vic, That's a fucking cool pager! Where did you get it?' When you have the name of the store you can easily SE it. To do this you should have as much information as possible about Vic, definitely the pager#, address is helpful, ss or dl # a plus but not needed. The pager store doesn't have much info on its customers. There is no credit check. Almost everyone pays with cash. Common pager customers are high school students, drug dealers, hookers, criminals, and people with bad credit or can't afford phones. A sample pager application looks like this:

Name: Jason Voorhies
Address: 5150 s. onetime lane #69
Phone: (714)xxx-6969
Sex: if she has tig ol' bitties!

I kid you not; I've sold pagers to Jake Speed, Santa Clause and others. The point is you can pose as them. Your conversation might go like this:

You: Hi, This is your customer. My pager # is . I moved to a different county and lost my pager. I bought a new one, but the pager guy says he needs my frequency and cap code to make it work.
Page mart: Okay, let me look at your account.
You: Okay
Page mart: Okay, it's 929.3875 MHz and the cap code is 000356. Can I get your new address?
You: No thanks. Are you open on groundhogs day?
Page mart: I'm not sure, let me ask my manager.
You: Never mind, bye

If they ask for your dl or ss# for verification, just say you lost your card, you used a friends, you made it up because your illegal or whatever.

Or you can just say you need your friend's info so you can send pages via the internet using one of the many software programs.

If you can't SE for shit you still have the option of taking the pager to a pager store and having them read the info for you. I guess if it's your girlfriend's pager or someone who might let you borrow it, that's feasible.

Now all you have to do is take your pager to be cloned and your info to a local pager store and have it set up. Your conversation might go like this.

You: Can you refreq and recap my pager? Here's the info.
Page mart: Okay.

Here's another variation:

You: Excuse me, Could you go tell your manager that errand boy likes cock?
Page mart: Okay, I told him, but he didn't get it.
You: Never mind, thanks for running that errand for me. Now hook up my pager monkey boy

You'll be charged a few bucks for this. If the pager is a newer model, it is probably synthesized which means the frequency can be programmed in instead of having the crystal physically replaced. Repairs like this take about 15 minutes.

Now you have waylaid Vics pages but you still need the voicemail pass to really have fun.

Easiest way is to have Vic around and page him. Chances are if he has a pager he has no phone. Offer yours to check his message, and later redial to see the number, `0' to access voicemail, then usually 4 digits for the pass. Or you can just watch him dial.

If you can't get this to work just call his pager company and say you are Vic and you forgot your pass. Or say your girlfriend changed it. This happens all the time. All they do is dial up into the system and check it. If you have them change it Vic will know something's up next time he checks his VM. Best thing to do is say `my girlfriend got my password, so I changed it yesterday, but I forgot what I changed it to. Now I can't get my messages. "That way you get it without changing it. If they charge to look it up, tell them to add the fee to Vics next bill.

Now you have more control. Next find out who the carrier is. The prefix will be a great indicator. If the # is 714-431-xxxx just ask page mart `Who is my carrier if my prefix is 431?' If they ask why, tell them you need voicemail instructions. Now go to the carriers website. Odds are excellent that the voicemail instructions are right there. Now when you get a page you know how to hear your messages. A sample is here...

When I used to work in a pager store, we would switch peoples cap codes for fun. When they called and said their pager wasn't working we'd say `OK, just bring it in and I'll tune it.' We'd get 15 bucks for `tuning' the pager, and then we'd offer them a `new case'. Basically you get a new aftermarket case (value $1 made in Taiwan) for your original case (value $6 made by Motorola).

Something else you can do is open the pager, cut off the vibrator (he he, yeah Beavis, I said vibrator) take its wires and solder longer wires in their place. Run them outside the case and put the pager back together. Now, when the pager is in vibe mode and it receives a page, you get the power supply (about 1.5v) at your two wires. This is enough to trigger TTL logic gates. Now you have a remote controlled switch. Fuck lojak. When your car gets stolen shut it off. Make a detonator, whatever. If I left anything out let me know, I'm tired.

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