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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Technical System Info :: 500-700.txt


                          Friday, April 12th, 1996

No, this is not some warped mathematical equation.  Most people know that
900 numbers are pay-per-call numbers.  Did you know that 500 and 700
numbers are also pay-per-call?  If you call a number with a 500 or 700 code
in the US you're going to get billed for it like any 900 number.  Even more
scary, 809 is an international long distance call to the Caribbean.

Companies are using these numbers as pay-per-call to get around regulations
and 900 block.  These companies get rebates from their foreign phone
companies for these calls.  In this way they get paid, but they don't have
to obey US 900# regulations.  These regulations require them to warn you of
the charge and rate involved, and also to provide a time period during
which you may terminate the call without charge.  Many people are reporting
getting messages on their answering machines telling them that it is urgent
they call a number beginning with 809.  They then call the number only to
hear a long recorded message and they later find a ridiculous sum of money
charged to their phone bill.  If you get a message on your machine and you
don't know the person, don't call if it's not in your area code.  If you
feel you must call, at least check with the phone company for the
applicable rates before you call.  Just because you don't know it's a
pay-per-call number doesn't mean that you won't get charged for it.

Remember, if the call is that important, they'll call back.

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