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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Technical System Info :: 9x_gets.txt

GETS - the replacement for Autovon! The area 51 of the phone network.

STATION ID - 7047/3.12

9x Datakit Network

This is a 9x system, restricted to authorized persons and for
official 9x business only. Anyone using this system, network or data
is subject to being monitored at any time for system administration and
for identifying unauthorized users or system misuse. Anyone using this
system expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that any
evidence of criminal activity revealed through such monitoring may be
provided to law enforcement for prosecution.

                             An Introduction to
           US Military and Government Telecommunication Networks
                        A t-file for 9x 17-01-1999
                       by Hybrid (

* Disclaimer:                                    *
*                                                *
* The information provided in this text file     *
* has been obtained from public domain resources *
* and is intended for educational use only.      *
*                                                *

Since the begining of telecommunications, goverments around the world have
always had their own secure voice and data networks. These secret networks
have always served many purposes for government and military organistaions.
In this file I am going to outline the technical specifications and any other
information I know about these networks. But before I continue, You need to
know just why your government needs it's own phone networks. 

A government phone network would be installed to serve as a *priority* phone
system in order to give people with the appropriate authority to place SECURE
PRIORITY voice and data calls accross the phone network.

In the advent of national emergency, ie- nuclear holocaust, the goverment
phone system would remain resedent, and would be used as a means of
communications for the government installations etc. For example, imagine you
where sitting down watching bay-watch one day, and a news flash came on.....

"... This is the president of the United States of America, I regret to say
 there are 59 fully armed nuclear warheads heading for major citys from
 Iraq.... Impact is imminant, please stay in your homes (you won't get hurt)"

If this was the case, the nice president would be escorted to his nuclear
bunker, along with his joint athoritys. (So they can maintain a 'goverment'
after the invasion).

What do you think would happen next in the advent of the above scenario?...
The whole of the US would be picking up their phones and dialing up their
friends, relatives,.etc to tell them to go dig a hole and hide in it. The
*public* phone network would be overwelmed with a flood of calls and the
switches would corrupt due to the massive capacity of routed calls.

Bob, over at Missile Command knows that if he trys to ring Mr Presedent via
the public phone network, all he will get through to is a recording saying..
 "...Your call did not go through", or "...All circuits are busy" somthing
like that anyway. So Bob picks up his nice shinny *priority* phone which is
connected to a secure government phone network known as GETS (Government
Emergency Telecommunications System) and places a call via an operator in a
secret location, which is then routed to Mr Presedent via *private* switches
that the public do not have access to. The GETS network is only part of this
massive network, I will explain more soon.


        Inroduction (You just read it)
        The AREA 51 of the phone network 'NCS-GETS'
        About NCS
        CPS Cellular Priority Services
        The Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP) System
        for National Security.
        Telecommunications Resources


        cold.gif        (DISA Defence Information Systems Agency logo)
        getslgo3.gif    (GETS Government Emergency Telecommunications System)

The AREA 51 of the phone network 'NCS-GETS'

This is the part of phreaking I enjoy the most -the discovery of new phone
networks. I just want to enforce my disclaimer here and say I am not writing
this file as an attempt to educate people into phreaking this network. If you
are a phreak, the mere idea of this network should facinate you, not induce
you into an attempted hack of it. This is a MILITARY network, not some local
switch. As for me, the furthest I am willing to go with this network,
is the public domain. I just want to get this clear before I continue -if
you mess around with this you WILL be *busted* big time, an attempt to gain
unautharised access to this network would be seen as a 'negative' act towards
the government, in other words.. They'd be pretty pissed.

OK, enough of that.. So you wanna know the darkest secret of the phone
network? We'll its your lucky day, cuse I'm gonna tell ya. Once apon-a-time
there was a secret phone network called AUTOVON (The US military's phone
network) It was a system designed to establish various priority calls within
the government. It used different levels of priority, (ABCD tones)...

FO (Flash Override) - Highest level of urgency, was reserved for the
                      presedent and high ranking officials.
F  (Flash)
I  (Immediate)
P  (Priority)       - Priority over conventionally placed calls.

But these days AUTOVON is dead, there is a new and improved network that has
been implemented -GETS. Unlike AUTOVON the GETS network has a higher level
of secrecy surrounding it. I like to call it the 'Area 51' of the phone
network, because any operator will deniy it's existance, either because they
are un-aware of it, or they are not allowed to discuss it.

Back in the mid 8os a secretive project was going on within the government,
they where installing a new phone network known then as 'Inets'. I am un-
aware as to who helped with this project, although Bellcore may have had some
involvment in the Inets project, although they deniy any knowledge of it to
this date.

As I mentioned before in the nuclear attack scenario, if you are connected to
the GETS network, you would pick up the phone and talk to a GETS network
operator. Now, this is what would happen if you spoke to a GETS operator:

 ...ring.. (automated voice) "enter your identity code now".... .. ..."GETS
 operator, can I have your personel code, routing code, and destination
 please sir.." <CLICK>

You are probably wondering how the hell I know how the GETS procedure takes
place, quite simple, I got someone to call them via 3-way. Now for the
interesting shit.. This secretive network can be reached by dialing a special
number on any phone in the world. NCS (National Communications System) Use a
very strange prefix for GETS.. (71o) According to various operators 710 does
not exist. In other words it is a 'non-geographical' prefix assignment in the
North American numbering plan, dedicated to National Security and Emergency
Preparedness (NS/EP) department. If you randomly dialed a few 710 numbers,
you would get a recording saying "...invalid number" Of course, they do not
want you to know this prefix exists... but it DOES.

The primary GETS netwrork voice dialup is [talk to hybr1d for this info]

If you are stupid enough to ring this number it will connect you to a secret
operator, as dictated above. I strongly recomend that no-one calls this
number, it would be 100's of times worse than calling 911, they would trace
you in a heart-beat. The person who called this number was un-able to put the
phone down because when he picked up the operator was still there, in the end
he had to make out he had 'misdialed'. It's like the UK's 999 emergency
service (999=911), once you have dialed the number, you cannot terminate the
call until they reset the line.

Although this network is very secretive, you can obtain further information
via the web! NCS/GETS have there own website which can be found at: (

About NCS (National Communications System)

NCS is an organistaion made up of 23 Federal departments. (Like the OFTEL of
government telecommunications) The 23 Members of this organisation are as

U.S. Department of State
U.S. Department of the Treasury
U.S. Department of Defense
U.S. Department of Justice
U.S. Department of the Interior
U.S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. Department of Commerce
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
U.S. Department of Transportation
U.S. Department of Energy
Department of Veterans Affairs
Central Intelligence Agency
The Joint Staff
General Services Administration
United States Information Agency
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Federal Communications Commission</a><br>
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
United States Postal Service
Federal Reserve Board
National Security Agency
National Telecommunications and Information Administration

Again, more information on NCS can be obtained from

CPS Cellular Priority Services

Awell as the GETS 710 network, there is another system called CPS. It has
been designed as a mobile call priority system for federal officials. For
example, in the aftermath of a majour disaster, the likelyhood of a standard
cellualr network funtionaling properaly is minimal. Here another network
would be implemented, whereas NS/EP users (National Security / Emergency
Preparedness) would have the ability to place secure voice and data calls via
the CPS cellular network. Like GETS, the CPS network can only be used by
federal officials when conventional phone networks are un-available or if it
is a matter of extreem urgency. These are the type of networks soemone would
use like when you see in a film a dude saying: "Get me the presedent".

A presedential advisory council called NSTAC (National Security
Telecommunications Advisory Committee) recommended to Presedent Clinton that
the CPS cellualr network should be used for NS/EP users. On Jan 11, 1995
Presedent Clinton decided to implement the network, and to get the NCS
people to evaluate current cellular networks ready for the CPS system

The CPS system works by giving the NS/EP user priority access over air
interfaces in order to access cellualr channels with priority over everyone

De-classified information, such as CPS plans, rules, implementation can be
obtained from:

International Transcription Service (ITS)
1919 M Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20004,
Phone: 202-857-3800.

Not any old Joe can get access to the CPS network, Here are the requirements
for joining this network: (copied from the CPS website)

To be eligible for CPS, users must have an NS/EP requirement. NS/EP services
are used to maintain a state of readiness or to respond to and manage any
event or crisis (local, national, or international) that causes or could
cause injury or harm to the population, damage to or loss of property, or
degrades or threatens the NS/EP posture of the United States.
To obtain cellular priority, a user will need to contact the appropriate
Authorizing Agent and complete a CPS request form. Authorizing Agents will be
designated at the Federal and State levels. The Authorizing Agents will
review requests and forward approved requests to the NCS. Approved requests
will be processed by the NCS and forwarded to the appropriate service
provider.&nbsp; After receipt of authorization from the NCS, the service
provider will activate the cellular priority feature.

CPS Network Contacts:

Manager, National Communications System
Attn: Office of Programs, Cellular Priority Services
701 South Court House Road
Arlington, VA 22204-2198
Phone: 703-607-6129
Fax: 703-607-4801

The Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP)
System for National Security

TSP was formed to provide priority telecommunications for National Security
purposes. Someone who has been granted access to the TSP service would
recieve absolute priority service from *any* telco company, ie- they would
not have to argue for long with an AT&T operator. Bassically an operator
would have to route any call via secure lines if a, NS/EP user requested.
An NS/EP user would be assigned a secret code which they have to produce to
the appropriate operater for use of a TSP network. The code contains
information about the priority of the call, like the old AUTOVON system had,
but without the ABCD tones. The TSP priority levels are:

E, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Level E is only given to emergency level requests, levels 1 to 5 are for all
other TSP 'services'

A body know as the FCC (Federal Communications Commision) regulates the
operation of the TSP networks. (

Telecommunications Resources.

Here is a list of some URLs of Government and Commericial Telecommunication
resources on the web, for your viewing pleasure... (Telecom Digest) (Big index of phone related sites) (AirTouch Communications) (AT&T Canada) (Bell Atlantic Carrier Services) (Bellcore) (BellSouth) (Citizens Telephone Cooperative) (EqualNet Corp. Conf services) (Frontier Corporation) (IRIDIUM) (MCI) (NYNEX) (Northern Telecom) (Pacific Bell) (Southwestern Bell) (Sprint Communications) (Sprint Canada) (British Telecom -BT) (British Telecom Scotland) (Rostelecom -Main Russian telecom operator) (KDD -Japan) (Bell Atlantic/NYNEX Mobile) (BellSouth Cellular) (Skytel) (South Western Bell Wireless) (ITU) (CRTC -Canadian regulator) (OFTEL -UK regulator) (the real 9X) (my crew) (nice zine)



Well, thats it for this article, did you have fun? Shout outs to the
following people :>
Substance & the whole 9x crew. All the D4RKCYDE crew, DownTime, Elf, Bishop
of Hell, Mistress, Brakis ..etc! IUA. Red_Led & uV. Public Nuisance. Alpha.
l0pht -I found the TV show on channel 4 very interesting, do some more.
#darkcyde #9x Efnet.

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