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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Technical System Info :: af.htm

Some DATU/SASS and other interesting numbers in the Lafayette, LA area
Where 337 phreaks run wild

Kool Stuff

  • anacs/sass/datu #'s = duson sass 981-4513, datu 873-3339; yngsville, datu 656-7443; vermillion, datu 981-9952; pin for all = '1111'

    Datu Info.

    Pay Fone #'s= 337-984-8485; 337-984-9015

    AHS Phreaks= Reverend truK (Ask name and i'll tell) Anyone else wants to be listed contact me

    Archive of diffrent boxes - A must see!!!


    sub7 version 2.2 - Update!!! The best trojan out there. New version.

    Infector - A tool for binding progs (ie. trojans into other files.)

    Blue Beep - Old school, but it's still bad ass.

    A Dial - What I consider the best war-dialer.

    My ICQ# is 44211624 and my AIM nick is Reverend truK


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