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An explanation of the Centrex

An Explanation of Centrex*
By: Downtime*

	One of the main reason for the Centrex is due to rather large 
companies that don't want to invest in the buying of a PBX system. A Centrex
basically has the same capabilities as the regular PBX and cheaper. They also
don't require you to buy your own phone system, or any other expensive things
of that nature. 

	The Centrex offers many different capabilities but overall is
typically just like a regular telephone line. Some of the features are things
such as:

		1) Three way calling
		2) Caller ID
		3) Voice Mail
		4) Also call transferring

	Although the fact that the Centrex is usually anywhere from about
20 to 50% more expensive than a regular based analog phone line they are still
very helpful for most. Compared to the PBX it is very well based price wise.
There are also a few benefits I would like to mention about the Centrex:

		1) You have the choice to enlarge or shrink your office
		2) Service is definately guaranteed (always a plus)
		3) It is not require that you buy your own phone system
		4) Ability to transfer calls

	Just as there are benefits there are some disadvantages. I am going
to name a few that might be some of the most imporant.

		1) No ACD
		2) No automated attendant
		3) Move/add/change orders require calling the phone company

	Centrexs as I have already mentioned are rather interesting and also
are well balanced in price. So if you own a small company of your own and you
would like to get it more organized communication wise, check one of these 
out. :)


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