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Spoofing Caller ID with Qwest Security Screen

// Spoofing Caller ID with Qwest Security Screen
// by dual_parallel and Rax

Security Screen is a service from Qwest that goes beyond Anonymous
Call Rejection (ACR) by keeping unidentified callers from even
ringing a subscriber's phone.  Security Screen costs $2.95 per
month and also requires subscription to Qwest's Caller ID (CID)

As mentioned on the Qwest Security Screen home page, when Security
Screen is encountered, a caller can enter any number if the caller
is originally unidentified - like a telemarketer calling from a
PBX.  Regarding regular subscriber calls, most Security Screen
users couple Security Screen with ACR, so *67 calls will be stopped
if there is an attempt to spoof Caller ID.

Some simple ways around this are to op divert or use a calling card
and then spoof the Caller ID.  The called party's CID box will show
"Security Screen" for the name and the spoofed number.  See Figure
1: CID Spoof with Qwest Security Screen at:

So, the called party's phone will ring and the receipient will
believe that the caller has encountered Security Screen and
honestly identified themselves.  Qwest is performing a disservice
by charging for this feature called "Security" Screen.

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