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Info on CLLI Codes

Some more info on CLLI codes that you might find useful..

CLLI stands for Common Language Location Identifier.  There's also CLEI
(Equipment Identifier), CLFI (Facility Identifier), and CLCI (Circuit
Identifier) codes.  They're assigned by Telcordia.  CLLI codes tend to be
the most common.

A CLLI code is 8 or 11 characters in length depending on what is being
identified.  The first four characters are the geographic code which
identifies the city, town, etc.  The next two are the geopolitical code
which generally identifies the state.  The next five possible positions
can identify a variety of locations or items.  In a 8 character code, the
last two characters identify the network site, often a CO though this
could also refer to a remote office, manhole, etc. As an example,
SNJSCA02 would be San Jose California 02 which is a major wire center in
the San Jose area.  These characters are not always numeric.  Many of the
older CO's are, but many newer CO's, especially those operated by the
CLEC's are alphabetical.

11 character codes can refer to tons of different things.  I'm not going
to explain all of them, but the most common is the CLLI given to network
entities, in particular, switches.  You will often see switches refered to
by their CLLI code.  As an example, let's look at the Aetna Ct. CO in
Wauwatosa.  The CLLI for the building is MILWWI12.  Ameritech has a 5ESS
in there.  One of the CLLI codes for this 5ESS is MILWWI12DS0.  They also
have a DMS-100 there that has CLLI MILWWI12DS2.  You'll note that most
digital switches (the 1AESS excepted since it's basically a 1ESS with a
digital processor) are generally DSx. I've noticed that 1ESS and 1AESS
switches are generally CGx.  Mobile carrier equipment generally ends with
CMx.  The Ameritech 5ESS at Aetna Ct. has a couple other CLLI codes.
Particularly interesting is MILWWI1261T.  Generally when a CLLI ends with
xxT, that indicates that it is a code for a tandem. Looking at that, one
could surmise that 61T is the CLLI for the tandem side of the 5ESS.

If that didn't make sense to anyone, don't worry.  I can try explaining
better if anyone cares.

Anyway, something I should mention is that tools and trucks might have a
CLLI code on them, but it's probably not specific to that tool or truck.
It probably indicates which CO it was originally bought for.  If it's a
truck, probably the parking facility it gets stored at.  CLLI's cost money
to get from Telcordia, so I doubt they'd bother with something like a

A great source of CLLI codes for network entities is the LERG (Local
Exchange Routing Guide) though that pretty much only has LEC switches and
tandems.  You won't find CLLI's for IXC core switches unless they also are
acting as a local Class 5 or Class 4 switch (end office or local tandem).
You won't find the LERG anywhere on line since it's something you
subscribe to monthly and it is quite pricey.  One site that has some of
that data is:  Be forewarned though, a
lot of the location info for Milwaukee is very wrong.

Anyway, if you have some CLLI codes you're having problems with or want
advice on, feel free to ask me about them.  I do have access to the LERG
so I can find you specific locations if need be.  Do not expect me to send
you the LERG or parts of the LERG since I'm bound by my company's
contract.  It's very large anyway.  But I'll be happy to help out with
stuff if people are stuck.  Good luck!

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