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MCI Overview

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MCI Communications Corporation, headquartered in Washington, D.C., provides a
full range of domestic and international telecommunications services, including
voice and data, telex and cable, paging and mobile telephone, and time
sensitive message delivery.

Since its founding in 1968, MCI has grown to more than $1.6 billion in annual
sales and serves more than 1.9 million business, residential and government
customers through its four major business units:

                            MCI Telecommunications

                                 MCI Airsignal

                               MCI International

                       MCI Digital Information Services

MCI Telecommunications provides domestic interstate long distance service
throughout all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and major
calling areas of Canada.  It is also authorized to provide varying degrees of
intrastate long distance service in some states.

MCIT also is the first long distance carrier other than AT&T to offer direct
dial service overseas.  International telephone service is available to all
residential and commercial customers (with the exception of Private Line
customers).  In October, 1984 the first international service agreements were
announced with the following countries:  Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, East
Germany, Greece, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

Total capital investment in MCI's long distance network is approximately $2
billion.  MCI's network, the second largest in the U.S., employs microwave
optical fiber, satellite and various digital transmission technologies.

Subscribers - Domestic Long Distance (as of 10/84)
-----------   ----------------------
Residential              1.4 million
Commercial                .3 million
     Total               1.7 million

Operations - (as of 10/84)
Network Miles            20,543
(microwave, optical fiber, satellite)

Circuits                238,000
Employees                 9,500 (full-time, approx.)

MCI Airsignal provides personal message delivery and car telephone services.
MCI Message Service is offered in more than 50 metropolitan areas.  In 1984,
service will commence in New York City, Baltimore-Washington, Los Angeles, and
Chicago.  MCI car telephone service is offered in 20 markets.

Personal Message Delivery Service
                         ALPHANUMERIC MESSAGE SERVICE

    Displays up to 40-character message using letters and/or numbers.  Memory
    and recall ability.  Alerts subscriber with a silent visual alert or a soft

                            DISPLAY MESSAGE SERVICE

    Displays up to 24-digit message (e.g., phone number, stock quotes, sales
    figures, coded messages).  Memory and recall capability.  Alerts customer
    to message with a silent visual alert or a soft tone.

                             TONE MESSAGE SERVICE

    Notifies customer of a message with a soft tone.

                             VOICE MESSAGE SERVICE

    Receives message in actual voice of caller.

                            EXPRESS MESSAGE SERVICE

    Receives and stores messages.  Instantly alerts subscriber via pager when
    a message is received.

Car Telephone Service
Enables customers to place calls to or receive calls from anywhere in the
world, 24 hours a day, as they travel in their cars.  With the advent of new
cellular technology, both the quality and the accessibility of car telephone
service will vastly improve.

MCI has thus far obtained franchises to operate a new kind of mobile phone
service, cellular telephone, in Minneapolis and Pittsburgh, and has received
favorable decisions from FCC administration law judges authorizing service in
Los Angeles, Denver-Boulder, and Kansas City.  MCI has applied for licenses to
provide cellular service in 81 metropolitan areas.

MCI Airsignal Branch Sales Offices
Personal Message Service/Conventional Mobile Phone Service

            Birmingham                             (205)  942-2924
            Sacramento                             (916)  444-2350
            Memphis                                (901)  682-9658
            Cleveland                              (216)  464-7311
            Dallas                                 (214)  788-5111
            Fresno                                 (209)  486-7410
            Las Vegas                              (702)  382-7461
            Denver                                 (303)  778-7878
            Portland                               (503)  227-2556
            Philadelphia                           (215)  677-9845
            Atlanta                                (404)  252-2114
            West Florida                           (813)  875-3404
            Minneapolis                            (612)  544-8175
            Kansas City                            (913)  648-8090
            Miami                                  (305)  491-0122
            Pittsburgh                             (412)  343-1611
            Houston                                (713)  464-2516
            Bakersfield                            (805)  832-2346

Cellular Telephone Offices

            Minneapolis-St. Paul                   (612)  544-3312
            Los Angeles                            (714)  527-0385
            Elsewhere in California                (800)  344-3455

            Headquarters - Washington, D.C.        (202)  429-9660

MCI International provides private-line voice service to several overseas
countries, and data and message services, including telex, cablegram, leased
channel, and packet switching communications, to more than 200 overseas points.
MCI has moved into two new areas of service:  International direct-dial
telephone service and international electronic mail and hard-copy delivery

International Record Services
TELEX SERVICE (domestic and international) permits instantaneous, two-way,
written communications with other subscribers worldwide.  Customers can send
messages at any time, even though the receiving terminal may be unattended.
MCI International offers access to its telex service from a variety of
terminals and networks; not only subscribers with telex terminals but also
those with communicating word processors, data terminals or computers that
communicate over telephone lines can take advantage of MCI International telex
service.  To subscribers connected to its own telex network, MCI International
offers World Message Services--a package of communications offerings including
telex, cablegram and MCI Mail services.  Various service enhancements are
available to save time, improve operating efficiency and simplify records
keeping for telex users.

CABLEGRAM SERVICE, the traditional means of international written
communications, offers flexibility in delivery and economical rates for shorter
messages.  Cablegrams can be delivered to virtually any overseas point.
Subscribers with telex terminals or various other types of equipment can access
and TELUS cablegram switch and take advantage of such service enhancements as
abbreviated addressing and departmental billing.

LEASED CHANNEL SERVICE provides an exclusive line between a U.S. firm and it's
overseas office for private communications 24 hours a day.  Each MCI
International leased channel is tailored to meet the needs of a specific
customer for teleprinter, facsimile, voice and/or data traffic.  For
subscribers with several offices requiring private communications with each
other, MCI International offers a versatile message-switching service.
Voice/data leases can be configured to meet a whole array of communicating
needs; for example, one channel might carry data traffic from a computer at
night, voice communications during office hours, and simultaneous teleprinter
messages at any time.  Data channels can handle requirements for traffic at any
speed from 1200 bits per second to 1.544 megabits per second.

IMPACS SERVICE uses packet-switching technology to provide international
communications service between data terminals and computers.  Impacs offers
on-line, real-time connections and enables many types of incompatible systems
to communicate.  Impacs service offers virtually error-free transmission
because of the error-detection and retransmission capability of the network.

INSTALINK SERVICE allows businesses overseas to use regular telex equipment to
access remote computing systems and databases in the U.S.  Subscribers can
retrieve data from a computer-based information service or use a computing
system connecting to a packet-switching network in the U.S.

INTERNATIONAL FACSIMILE SERVICE enables subscribers to send duplicates of
original documents overseas quickly and efficiently, even when neither the
sender nor the receiver has facsimile transmission equipment, or when the
sender and receiver have incompatible equipment.

DATEL SERVICE provides automatic or voice-coordinated data transmission at
speeds up to 2400 bits per second.  Either digital or analog facsimile traffic
can be transmitted via Datel.  Datel facilities are conditioned to ensure
high-quality transmission.  The MCI International switching center allows
communications between incompatible terminals.

MARITIME SERVICES provide instant, high--quality contact between ships at sea
or offshore rigs, and between these vessels and land-based subscribers

International Voice Services
PRIVATE LINE SERVICE provides, fast, easy access to a single overseas location
at an economical monthly rate.  This technically efficient system maximizes the
use of line capacity by recognizing idle time and assigning a speaker to a
transmission path only when the path is needed.  Users can dial a four-digit
extension from a regular business phone to reach a key overseas location.

International Mail Services
WORLD MESSAGE SERVICE subscribers can access the domestic electronic mail and
hard-copy delivery offerings of MCI Mail.  In addition, MCI International is
developing fast, low-cost services that will deliver electronic messages and
high-quality printed documents worldwide.

Customer Service
customer concerns such as equipment maintenance and service performance
questions.  Customer service specialists, on duty 24 hours a day on business
days, answer questions and electronically route service requests to technicians

MCI Digital Information Services, MCI's newest unit, provides high-speed,
low-cost, time-sensitive message delivery (MCI Mail), either electronically or
via hard copy.

MCI Mail provides time-sensitive document delivery to anyone, anywhere vial
MCI's long-distance telephone network.  MCI Mail can reach a recipient
instantly, in four hours or less, or overnight by noon the next day.  Prices
are as much as 90 percent lower than comparable time-sensitive mail delivery
services.  MCI Mail can be delivered electronically, terminal to terminal, or
laser printed on letterhead stationery with the customer's signature.

MCI Mail customers can even order gifts and services direct through MCI Mail,
ranging from software and paper for personal computers to investment advisory
services to travel specials.

There are no sign-up, monthly service charges or "connect time" charges for MCI
Mail.  MCI Mail can be used by virtually any personal computer, word processor,
electronic typewriter, data terminal, telex, or other digital communications
device.  The service is accessed by a local telephone call or 800 number.

MCI Mail
INSTANT delivery to an "electronic" mailbox.

FOUR-HOUR paper delivery by courier to 17 major metropolitan areas regardless
of point of origin.

OVERNIGHT paper delivery by courier by noon the next day in 20,000 continental
U.S. cities.

MCI LETTER transmitted electronically to the MCI digital postal center nearest
its destination, then delivered locally by the U.S. Postal Service.

TELEX DISPATCH enables MCI Mail subscribers to transmit messages to the more
than 1.6 million telex subscribers worldwide.

VOLUME MAIL enables customers to send large mailings in a variety of letter
formats, at substantial savings in delivery time and expense.

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