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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Technical System Info :: mcitg5.txt

MCI Telecom Glossary Pt.5

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                                Proudly Presents

                      The MCI Telecommunications Glossary

                               Part II: Acronyms

                      Typed and edited by Knight Lightning


                                     - A -

ACD      Automatic Call Distributor
AIOD     Automatic Identification of Outward Dialing
ANI      Automatic Number Identification
ARS      Automatic Route Selection
ASCII    American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ATB      All Trunks Busy
AVD      Alternate Voice Data

                                      - B -

BOC      Bell Operating Company
BSOC     Bell System Operating Company
BPS      Bits Per Second

                                     - C -

CCIS     Common Channel Interoffice Signaling
CCSA     Common Control Switching Arrangement
CO       Central Office
COAM     Customer Owned And Maintained
COS      Class Of Service
CPE      Customer Premise Equipment
CPH      Cost Per Hour
CPM      Cost Per Minute
CPU      Central Processing Unit
CRT      Cathode Ray Tube
CU       Control Unit

                                     - D -

dB       Decibel
DCTS     Dimension Custom Telephone Service
DDD      Direct Distance Dialing
DID      Direct Inward Dialing
DM       Delta Modulation
DTMF     Dual Tone Multi-Frequency

                                     - E -

EDP      Electronic Data Processing
EEHO     Either End Hop Off
EKTS     Electronic Key Telephone Set
EML      Expected Measured Loss
ENFIA    Exchange Network Facilities for Interstate Access
EPROM    Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EPSCS    Enhanced Private Switched Communication Service
ERL      Echo Return Loss
ETN      Electronic Tandem Network

                                     - F -

FCC      Federal Communications Commission
FDM      Frequency Division Multiplex
FX       Foreign Exchange

                                     - H -

HEHO     Head End Hop Off
Hz       Hertz

                                     - I -

IMT      Inter-Machine Trunk
IOT      Inter-Office Trunk
IRC      International Record Carrier

                                     - L -

LAN      Local Area Network
LATA     Local Access and Transport Area
LCR      Least Cost Routing

                                     - M -

MDF      Main Distribution Frame
MERS     Most Economical Route Selection
MG       Mastergroup
MOS      Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
MTS      Message Telephone Service
MU       Message Unit
M/W      Microwave

                                     - N -

NPA      Numbering Plan Area
NNX      Numbering Network Exchange

                                     - O -

OCC      Other Common Carrier
ONAL     Off Network Access Line
OPX      Off-Premise Extension

                                     - P -

PABX     Private Automatic Branch Exchange
PBX      Private Branch Exchange
PCM      Pulse Code Modulation
POTS     Plain Old Telephone Service
PROM     Programmable Read-Only Memory
PSC      Public Service Commission
PSN      Public Switched Network
PTT      Postal Telephone and Telegraph
PUC      Public Utility Commision

                                     - R -

RAM      Random Access Memory
RCC      Radio Common Carrier
ROM      Read-Only Memory

                                     - S -

SCC      Specialized Common Carrier
SG       Supergroup
SMDR     Station Message Detail Recording
SMG      Supermastergroup
SPC      Stored Program Control
SSB      Single Sideband Radio

                                     - T -

TEHO     Tail End Hop Off
TDM      Time Division Multiplex
TMRS     Traffic Measurement and Recording system
TSPS     Traffic Service Position System
TT       Trunk Type
TTTN     Tandem Tie Trunk network
TUR      Trunk Utilization Report
TWX      Teletypewriter Exchange Service

                                     - U -

UCD      Uniform Call Distributor
USOC     Uniform Service Order Code

                                     - V -

VANS     Value - Added Network Service
VP       Voice Frequency
VGF      Voice Grade Facility
VNL      Via Net Loss

                                     - W -

WATS     Wide Area Telecommunications Service


This concludes The MCI Telecommunications Glossary. Look for more G-philes on
MCI by Knight Lightning coming soon to Metal Shop.

                      This has been a 2600 Club production

                              Thanx to Taran King

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