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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Technical System Info :: modern16.txt

Screen Codes - Codes that appear on an operators console to represent a "screened" line

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*                 Screen Codes                          *
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*           Another Modernz Presentation                *
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*            (C)opyright December 2, 1991               *
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    Generally stated, screen codes are what both the telephone
switching office and the phone itself send and and verify one
another on each phone line.  That is that should you attempt
to use a pay phone on a regular phone line (your's, though
preferably someone else's) it will still ask for money. Also
should you attempt to use your phone on a pay phone line it
will register as a pay phone (or at least some similar screen
code...usually appearing on the line as possible screened line
and in that case it tells the operator not to bill to the line.)
     However these codes can be modified on the phone so as to
appear as something else.  The belief is that the phone company
has a flag on the line to see if it recieves some screen code.
But the screen codes as following including hotels and businesses,
some of which can direct dial with no problem (well on a hotel
an operator will come on the line asking which room to bill to...
pick any number.)  There are also hospitals which will allow
you to bill to a third party without voice verification (a rule
that in parts of New York and all of New Jersey, the AT&T operator
must voice verify all third party calls except from hospitals,
other Long Distance services have done this for a long time.)
    Note that the description of the code is related to the LD
service it belongs to (This list is from AT&T), however the codes
will still be there, just corresponding to something else.  Note
that some screen codes when transfered from one service to another
will vanish and appear as a non-coin/private phone.  This is the
reason for the transferring operator phrase of :

This is the [fill in the blank] operator with a trasnfer call.
Note that the call call can not be billed to the originating

However do to the violent competition between the companies the
younger operators can be convinced to "forget" to announce
themselves as a transfer.
   And now with that background, away we go.........
Screen code/desciption/restriction
002-  One Line WATS service
003-  Unassigned for use in AHIT
004-  Prison/ some international calls denied
      restrict: all but collect
005-  Prison-miltary
      restrict: all but collect
006-  Client restricted
      collect only
007-  True coin telephone-multi carrier telephone
008-  Military Market (true coin)
009-  Quote service account
      clerk ask for code
010-  Marriot Fairfield Inn
017-  AT&T quote serice customer
      LEC screening service
019-  AT&T private pay phone
      restrict: paid
020-  AT&T private pay phone
      restrict: paid
021-  AT&T private pay phone
      restrict: paid
022-  AT&T private pay phone
      restrict: paid
023-  COCOT
      restrict: paid
024-  Military-AT&T private pay phone
025-  Tariffed COCOT
026-  Prison-navy-give 10ATT+
      Restrict: all but collect
027-  Navy true coin
031-  Hospital
032-  AT&T college & university system
033-  operator express
      restrict: paid
034-  hotel
035-  AT&T quote sevice hotel
036-  hotel
      restrict: paid
037-  ANI 7
038-  DPR office
039-  Hospitality
      provisions: from business ADM, state municipal line
040-  Navy AT&T private payphone
      restrict: paid
041-  Navy AT&T private payphone
      restrcit: paid
042-  Client restrictor
045-  AT&T public phone (partner)
      restrcit: paid
050-  Military - AT&T caller
      restrcit: paid
054-  AOS line
055-  AOS line
      restrict: paid
056-  Midway
      restrict: paid
057-  IMTS B roamtype
      restrcit: paid
058-  Military- hawaii
059-  Manual Mobile
066-  Pre-selection (Leave word on person collect calls)
      Local and toll DA charge apply
070-  IMTS A home/roam
072-  Client restricted service
      restrict: paid, collect, back 3rd, forward bill
074-  Coinless public (inmat c)
075-  VHF marine
      restrcit: paid
076-  Dormitory
      acceptable: collect, autocollect
079-  Mobile 
      acceptable: card, collect, 3rd
084-  USA direct
      accept: card, collect
086-  Possible non-AT&T subscriber
      restrict: paid
087-  Possible non-AT&T subscriber
      restrict: paid
088-  Vender phone
      restrcit: paid
089-  BOC charge a card
      restrict: paid
090-  Kids call
093-  Intralata DA charges not apply
094-  hotel/motels
095-  handicapped
      procedure: DDD 
096-  Business ADM lines/state municipal building
097-  Dormitory
      accept: card, collect
098-  Coinless public phone
099-  AT&T card caller/customer caller
      restrict: paid
100-  Days Inn
101-  Holiday Inn
102-  Embassy suites
103-  La Quinta
104-  Super 8 motel
105-  Howard Johson
106-  Mariott
107-  Mariott Courtyard
108-  Marriot Residence Inn
110-  Hilton
111-  Econo Lodge
112-  Travelodge
113-  Unknown branding
114-  Westin
115-  Ramada Inn
116-  Best Western
117-  Rodeway
118-  Loews
119-  Hyatt
120-  Quality Inn
121-  Comfort Inn
122-  Clarion Inn
123-  Unknown Brand
124-  N/A brand
125-  N/A brand
126-  N/A brand
183-  Coin Operated Telephone

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