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The British Columbia 604/250 Area Code Split of 1996/97

Here is a press release from BC Tel, formerly the British Columbia
Telephone Company. I found the press release on the company's WWW site
at <>. The map referred to in the
press release is at <>.

May 9, 1995


Burnaby, B.C. - BC TEL will introduce a second area code for British
Columbia in 1996.

This new area code - 250 - will apply to all regions of the province
outside the Lower Mainland, the Sunshine Coast, Whistler and Hope.
Map attached ( jpeg)

"British Columbia needs a second area code because more telephone
numbers than ever are needed to accommodate our growing population,
as well as the increasing number of pagers, fax machines, modems
and cellular phones," said Dale Reid, BC TEL's manager of network
planning. "Introducing a second area code will open up millions
of new telephone numbers in the province."

Here is the timetable for the implementation of a new area code:

October 1996

       The 250 area code will be introduced. Callers dialing a telephone 
number in the new area code region will still be able to use either
604 or 250 to complete the call.

May 1997

       The grace dialing period will end. If the wrong area code is
dialed, a recording will advise callers to hang up and dial the
correct code.

October 1997

       Both area codes will be in full service. Callers dialling 604
to reach a customer in the 250 area code region will hear a recording
that will advise them the call cannot be completed and to verify
the telephone number.

BC TEL is encouraging businesses in the 250 area code region to
communicate with customers and suppliers about their new area code,
and to ensure that all advertising and stationery has updated
telephone numbers in time for the October 1996 introduction. In
addition, long-distance telephone numbers in the new area code region
that are currently stored in equipment, such as fax machines, cellular
telephones and automatic diallers, will need to be reprogrammed before
May 1997.

"The introduction of a second area code will help serve the growing
telecommunications needs of British Columbians for the next 20 years,"
added Reid.

The new area code will have no impact on BC TEL's long-distance rates.
Customers who have questions about the new area code can call

For more information, please contact:

Michelle Gagne
Media relations manager
(604) 432-2949 (office), (604) 977-5875 (pager)

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