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GTE Recordings

|	   GTE Recordings...	      |
|	   By: BABY DEMON	      |
|	       NEON KNIGHTS	      |
| Rock 'N' Roll Hell - [503] 253-5300 |
| Metalland West 10m - [503] 538-0761 |
| The Grand Illusion - [503] 665-0539 |

 [02/21/86 - 10:26pm]

  This is basically a list of some different recordings that GTE uses, and how
to access them by calling the recording itself...

 RECORDING #1: [503] 620-0041

  This is GTE's own version of geting ahold of a wrong number:

  "We're sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed.  Please check the
number and dial again, or ask your operator for assistance."

 RECORDING #2: [503] 620-0042

  This recording is recieved when calling your own number:

  "Number you have dialed is on your party line, please hang-up and allow
sufficiant time for the party you are calling to answer before you return to the

 RECORDING #3: [503] 620-0043

  You get the next one while your talking to someone while they call you on
their other line:

  "Someone on your line is calling you, please wait a moment for them to
return to the line."

 RECORDING #4: [503] 620-0045

  This recording is recieved when there's some probs with the fone companies

  "We're sorry, due to telephone company facility trouble your call cannot be
completed at this time.  Will you try your call later?"

 RECORDING #5: [503] 620-0046

  You'll hear the following when you're calling somewhere that gets a lot of
calls, places like radio stations get this a lot, it's when all the people
possible are trying to call, and it can't handle any more, so it drops you to
this gap:

  "We're sorry, all circuits are busy now, will you please try your call later?"

 RECORDING #6: [503] 620-0047

  Ya get the recording coming up when some a-hole is screwing you over by taking
yer line out, or the fone co.  is gettin' ya back for the bill ya didn't pay
last month...A good one to trip people out if you have 3-way:

  "Your line has been temporarily disconnected.  For service, please contact
our customer billing center toll free at 1-206-823-8655."

 RECORDING #7: [503] 620-0048

  If you hear the next recording then you have a number that's no good, and
you're using some added feature in yer calling:

  "We're sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed, please check your
instruction manual or call the business office for assistance."

 RECORDING #8: [503] 620-0049

  You'll hear the next recording when ya have speed-calling, and you fuck the
number up:

  "We're sorry, the code you have dialed is not active, please hang-up and dial
the complete number, or re-establish your speed-calling code."

 RECORDING #9: [503] 620-0050

  GTE plays this one for ya when there's mass calls going through at one time,
and their system can't handle it:  "We're sorry, due to heavy calling we cannot
complete your call at this time, will you please hang-up, and try again later.
If your call is urgent, please try again now."

 RECORDING #10: [503] 620-0051

  This is just GTE's basic way of saying yer call didn't make it:

  "We're sorry, you're call did not go through.  Will you please try your call

 RECORDING #11: [503] 620-0055

  I'm not too sure about the next one, but I believe that the trench is trying
to say that you left your fone off the hook, and somethings wrong:

  "Please hang-up, and if you'd like to make a call try it again, if you need
assistance, please hang- up and dial the operator."

 RECORDING #12: [503] 620-0056

  This one is a cool one for really trippin' people out, it's the recording
you get when dialing from a payfone without putting a quarter in, it asks for 25

  "The call you have made requires a 25 cent deposit.  Please hang-up
momentarily and listen for dial tone, deposit 25 cents, and dial your call

 RECORDING #13: [503] 620-0059

  The final one, another strange one, it's played when calling a 911 and all the
lines are busy:

  "This is a recording, all of the 911 emergency lines are busy now, if your
call is an emergency please hang-up and dial the operator."


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