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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Technical System Info :: switch.txt

Who makes what models of what phone switches!

                SWITCH    VENDOR   TYPE     DESCRIPTION
                --------  -------  -------  -----------------------------
                1AES      AT&T     Analog   No. 1A ESS
                1ES       AT&T     Analog   No. 1  ESS
                2BES      AT&T     Analog   No. 2B ESS
                2ES       AT&T     Analog   No. 2  ESS
                3ES       AT&T     Analog   No. 3  ESS
                3XB       AT&T     E/M      No. 3  Cross-Bar
                4ES       AT&T     Digital  No. 4  ESS
                5AXB      AT&T     E/M      No. 5A Cross-Bar
                5ES       AT&T     Digital  No. 5  ESS
                5ORM      AT&T     Digital  Optical Remote Module
                5RSM      AT&T     Digital  Remote Switching Module
                5XB       AT&T     E/M      No. 5 Cross-Bar
                AXE10     Ericsson Digital  Stand Alone or Host
                AXRSS     Ericsson Digital  Remote
                DGTL               Digital  Generic Digital Switch
                DMS1/200  NTI      Digital  DMS 100/200
                DMS10     NTI      Digital  DMS 10
                DMS100    NTI      Digital  DMS 100
                DMS200    NTI      Digital  DMS 200
                DPN       NTI      Packet   Packet Switch
                EDX       Siemens  Packet   Packet Switch
                NC23      NEC      E/M      NEC Cross-Bar
                NEAX61E   NEC      Digital  NEC switch
                RLCM      NTI      Digital  Remote Line Conc Module
                RLCM-10   NTI      Digital  Remote Line Conc Module
                RLM       NTI      Digital  Remote Line Module
                RSC       NTI      Digital  Remote Switching Center
                RSCI      NTI      Digital  ISDN RSC
                RSLE      NTI      Digital  Remote Subscr Line Equip
                RSM                Digital  Remote Switching Module
                RSS       AT&T     Analog   Remote Switching System
                RSU                Digital  Generic Remote Switching Unit
                SXS       AT&T     E/M      Step by Step

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