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S.O.B. Caller ID Generator
by The Fixer
© 2009 Whirlwind Software

Current Version: 1.9.4
This tool generates several flavours of North American Caller ID, allowing you to hear what Caller ID sounds like or even, under certain circumstances, to place arbitrary messages in Caller ID Display Devices. You can play the emulated Caller ID live through your sound card or save to a .WAV file* for later playback or distribution.

5-Star Rating

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5-Star Rating

SOB194.ZIP S.O.B. 1.9.4 for Windows
README.TXT S.O.B. Readme File
SOBLICENSE.TXT S.O.B. License Agreement


New for 1.9.4 (2009/06/14):

  •     Added command-line version SOBCon. This allows you to use S.O.B. from a batch file. All settings and registration info from the GUI version are recognized in the command line program.
  •     OK, you won't notice this, but in the 8 years since we released 1.0, Whirlwind has developed a Manual of Style and a set of Best Current Practices, and much work has been done to bring SOB's source in line with our current guidelines. What this will mean to you in the future is faster response to bug reports and feature requests, as we no longer have to change mental gears to our early code models in order to do maintenance.

    New for 1.9.2 (2003/07/26):

  •     Access Violation error at startup fixed
  •     Most CIDCW parameters (frequency and duration) are now configurable. Screenshot!
  •     Tweaked default signaling parameters for better compatibility

    New for 1.9.1 (2003/05/22):

  •     Now retains settings in Registered mode
  •     Markout feature added - this will improve compatibility with some problem Caller ID boxes.
  •     Waveform amplitude (volume) now defaults to 127 (full volume)
  •     Installer compiler upgraded - should be more XP friendly now.

    New for 1.9 (2003/02/01):

  •     Completely redesigned interface
  •     Expanded Help File
  •     Cheaper Registration
  •     The interface for version 2.0 has been completed and released in this version, but since the 2.0 functionality (TAPI output) is not ready yet, this version remains part of the 1.x family.

    New for 1.2 Revision B Build 1 (2002/07/30):

  •     Remaining Registration Key issues fixed
  •     Minor installer issues fixed
  •     Added DeSOB Registry Entry Remover for the paranoid!

    New for 1.2 Revision A Build 3 (2002/07/09):

  •     Remaining SDMF bugs squashed
  •     Couldn't find its own helpfile! Ugh. Fixed.
  •     Used to aggressively filter "bad" characters. That is now an option that defaults off.
  •     Didn't recognize some registration codes. Now recognizes all (real ones).

    New for 1.2 (2002/07/06):

  •     Intermittent Start/Stop bit inversion fixed
  •     MDMF formatting bugs fixed
  •     CWCID timing optimized
  •     Amplitude of CAS tone is always 63 or less regardless of amplitude setting due to ludicrous clipping
  •     New configuration option: force uppercase name
  •     Help file now in Windows Help format and includes a diagram for a simple line interface
  •     S.O.B. can now be installed and uninstalled like a "real" app ;-)

    Have you found a bug in S.O.B.? Please, Click here to report it! We will get it fixed as soon as we can! Please be as specific as possible and include as much detail as possible about your computer, sound card, and interface to the phone line.

  • * Saving to a WAV file is an option made available with the purchase of a Shareware Registration Key.