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                                                                                                                                                A PRIMER ON INFORMATION SECURITY                                                                                        BY BLADE RUNNER 001                                                                                        In 1977 two young men, whom we shall refer to as, THE FALCON  and THE SNOWMAN  were prosecuted for selling sensitive          information tthe Soviet Union.  The object of the Royal Scam  was a code book containing sensitive information in regards to  cryptological systems employed by our defensive forces.         The exact content of the document(s) remains unknown but to an  ELIYE few in tmploy of C.I.A., Air, Naval, Army, and F.B.I. forces, however, we do know that the individuals recieved 40    years in prison each.                                                                                                             In our society with it's myriad of individuals, personality types, and their characteristic passions, the need has arisen   that we secure certain information from the general populus.    The most widespread method by which this  has been accomplished is CRYPTOGRAPHY.                                                  CRYPTOGRAPHY:  From the greek word KRYPTOS, or "HIDDEN" and     GRAPHIEN,  or" TO WRITE."                                                                                                      IN JULY 1977, thNational Bureau of Standards issued a Data  Encryption Standard.  The purpose of which is to provide        protection against theft, damage, or unauthorized access to     information stored on computers or other electronic media.      This has resulted ivarious companies developing copyrited     security devices and programs many of which are marketed for    public use.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              CRYPTANALYSIS                                                                                         CRYPTANALYSIS involv going -in unauthorized ways-  from a     ciphertext to a plaintext.                                      One of the most effective tools in accomplishing this is        FREQUENCY ANALYSIS (F.A.).                                      To do an F.A. by hands a tedious and mistake ridden task thus computers are used for greatest efficiency.                                                                                     THE FOLLOWING IS A FREQUENCY ANALYSIS DONE ON THE GETTYSBURG    ADDRESS  IN PLAINTEXT.                                                                                                                                                                        LETTERS                FREQUENCY               PERCENT            A                      102                    8.8              B                        14                    1.2              C                        31                    2.7              D                        58                    5.0              E                     166                   14.4              F                        27                    2.3              G                        28                    2.4              H                        81                    7.0              I                      68                    5.9              J                         0                    0.0              K                         3                    0.0              L                        42                    3.6              M                      13                    1.1              N                        77                    6.7              O                        94                    8.1              P                        16                    1.4              Q                        1                    0.1              R                        80                    6.9              T                       126                   10.9              U                        22                    1.9              V                       4                    2.1              W                        28                    2.4              X                         0                    0.0              Y                        10                    0.9              Z                                            0.0                                                                                                                                            The foregoing results have proven , in the past, to be          instrumental in aiding me inreaking encryption schemes using  only one key.                                                                                                                   IF you have any INSULTS, QUESTIONS, LAWSUITS, ETC., REGARDING   THIS TEXT FILE , CONTACT ME O THIS BBS OR CALL:                                                                                                           A MEMBER OF                                                 WORLDS GRAVE ELITE                                                 21456-9499                                               PRIMARY LOGIN: DOOMSDAY                                         NEWUSER PASSWORD: HELL                  

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