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Visual Car Tailer (to help keep from losing them in traffic!)

                                                  Filename: TAILER.TXT  
                                                 Title: Car Tailer Aid  
                                                     By: Hell's Angel   
                                                   Released: 06/14/96   
                                                   Danger: 旭旭旭旭旭   
   Hi everyone. This project is not at all dangerous, and is designed only
to ease your effort if you are tailing someone in a car. Often if you are
staking someone out, you want to be able to find their car in a line of
traffic. This little device will help you tremendously.

Shopping List:

1  10mm Green Huge-ass LED    Diag: d1   Radio Shack # 276-215
1  Pack/5 180 Ohm resistors   Diag: r1   RS# 271-1110
1  Pk/5 9v battery connectors Diag: b1   RS# I forget
1  9v battery (the reactangle)

Wire these up with the following schematic:
      + =======/\/\/\====|               = is wire
 b1 9v                   LED d1          /\/\/\ is the resistor
      - =================|               | is wire

Simple enuff (I *HOPE* you followed that). You COULD add a switch, I guess,
but if you just unhook the battery when it's not on, that's fine. Put this
in a nice small package, and add a couple magnets to the case (or to the
side of the 9v, if you don't make a box for it) so it'll stick to the car.
When you need to tail someone, just connect the battery and stick it to the
side of their car (somewhere that they won't find it, but you can see it),
with the LED angled so it's bright when you look from your car. Now, if you
lose the person at night in a pack of cars, just look until you see the one
with the green dot near the back. You can see when they turn, too. This is
good as now you can follow from a car or two back, and not be as suspicious.
   NOTE: This will work on one 9v battery for like 3 days straight.


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