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Touch Switch, Stun Gun, FM Bug

                    *                              *
                    *    Electronic Circuits #3    *
                    *                              *
                    *   Another in the series by:  *
                    *                              *
                    *       Scott MacDonald        *
                    *                              *

This months issue includes three circuits: a touch switch, stun gun,
and an FM Bug. These are all simple circuits for beginners and should
cost under $10 each to make.

First is the touch switch. Any time a person touches the plate, the
output of this circuit goes to the high level and is capable of
directly controlling a load such as a lamp, relay or bell.

                旼컴컴컴컴컴컴컴 +9 to 18 volts <also connected to
TOUCH SWITCH                                     pin 7 of both ICs>
************     旼굇굇컴컴
             56   10M    
      0.1uf  k            100uF
 旼컴  께       2\      쿟antalum
    쳐켸읕굇굇캐컨캑- \      +께   旼컴컴컴奴       3\
 읕컴     100k怨       \컴좔컴牡컫캑1N4007 봤컫컫컴컴+ \
 Touch                 / 6        읕컴컴컴芩+ 100     \컴컴컴컴
 Plate          쳐컴+ /       3.3     2.2uf 께 쿸      /6  output
                  3/ LM318    k     Tantalum   旼- /
             15                                  2/ LM318
                읕컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컨컴컴컴컴컴컴좔좔컴컴컴컴컴 ground
                                           <ground connected to pin 4 
                                            of both ICs>

4000 VOLT STUN GUN           .01uf/1kv .01uf/1kv .01uf/1kv .01uf/1kv
******************            께        께        께        께
         6 or 12 volt AC 갰117憫  憫  憫  憫  憫  憫  憫  憫
         center-tapped   갰캶  팠  팠  팠  팠  팠  팠  팠  팠
         transformer   旼갰캚                        
 쿎          0.1uf       갰캜                        
 읕쩡컴풟      께 100   갰   읓侮꼭쬔  읓侮꼭쬔  읓侮꼭쬔  읓侮꼭쬔
    Q 쳐컴컴쩡牡캇굇궂캐캅별컴컴탠牡컨컴컴좔牡컨컴컴좔牡컨컴컴좔牡컨컴
 旼좔컴                       .01uf/1kv .01uf/1kv .01uf/1kv .01uf/
 쿐 2N176     10               
 퀃ransistor  k                                          4000 volts
                               All 8 diodes are 1N4007   OUTPUT
 +9 to 12    읕컴컴컴컴컨컴컴컴컴좔컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴
 volts                             Continuing the series of diodes and
                                   capacitors will cause an increase
                                   in the output voltage
FM BUG                                                    
******                                                     Coil 6turns
컴컴컴컴컴쩡컴컴컫컴컴컴컴쩡컴컫컴컴컴컫컴컴컴컫컴컴컴컫컴 #20 to #14
+9 to 12                               4.7  6-30憫  wire center
volts   10    10     1k嫄  10    1k嫄    k   pf  읓  tapped
        k嫄    k嫄          k嫄          10uf     C 쳐켸 6mm diam.
                        .1uf     C    +께  旼컫컴
           10uf       C  께  旼컫컴좔컫켸읕탠큂3  틀 4.7pf
            께+   旼컫컴좔牡컨캑Q2         쿍읕컨컴  capacitor
          쳐켸읕컵컴큂1 2N3964  읕컨컴  .001   ^ E 
electret\憫      B읕컨컴          E    uf껨2N5108  47
micro-                E    2N3964         퀃rans- 
phone   /읓                               쿶stor  
                           께 0.1uf

In issue 4: 100 watt FM Radio Transmitter, a shotgun directional
microphone and a ultrasonic phaser capable of causing dizziness or even
blackouts in people!

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