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how to burn dreamcast games (using nero 5.0).zip

To make backups of dreamcast games using Nero 5 and dummyfile creator (not the auto):

You Need:

Nero 5			www.ahead.de
IsoBuster		(find someone with it)
DummyFile Creator	(find someone with it)

1.	You need the .bin of the game you wish to burn.

2.	Open isobuster --> click on the little folder --> find the .bin of 
	the game you want to burn.

3.	Select all the files --> right click --> choose extract files 
	then choose the directory.

4.	Open nero --> go to new compilation (not wizard) --> choose cd-rom (iso)
	(the first icon) --> now you must setup some options for nero (go to the *)
	--> And Then Click New.

5.	Two Windows Open Up Now --> ISO1 (1) and File Browser (2) --> find the extracted
	files (isobuster) in Window 2 --> copy them over to Window 1 --> Select all the 
	files in Window 1 --> Right-click --> Properties --> Set Priority to High (So 
	it is burned last, on the outer edge to save the dreamcast motor!).

6.	Now Find out how big the game is --> Right-click on new in Window 1 --> Properties 
	--> The first sentence says how much will be written (go to **)

7.	Now copy over the dummyfile (now changed to 000dummy.dat) and make sure it is
	low priority.

8.	Now go File -->  Write Cd --> Click on Write!

9.	Play The game When it is done!

Multisession Tab:
Check Off:	No Multisession

File Options Tab:
Check Off:	ISO Level 2 (Max. of 31 chars)
		Mode 1
		ISO 9660
		Allow pathdepth of more than 8 directories
		Allow more than 255 characters in path

Burn Tab:
Check Off:	Write
		Finalize CD
Uncheck:	Simulation (Unless You Want it)
		Determine Maximum Speed

Creating a dummyfile to save the Dreamcast Motor!

Click on Start --> Run --> Type this in c:\dummyfile\resize 1000000 000dummy.zip
(Or wherever you saved the dummyfile creator too) 1000000 = 1 meg
Make the dummyfile as big as the difference of the game. i.e. Game to be burned is
50 megs, you want the dummyfile to be 600 megs. . .  (650 - 50 = 600) The closer the
game is to the edge of the cd the better!) so you would type:
c:\dummyfile\resize 600000000 000dummy.zip, it will make the dummy file that size.
now change the extension from .zip to .dat (change folder options if you do not have 
this configured) Back To Step 7!

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