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US Military acronyms

Date:      Sat, 21 May 1994 22:08:50 edt
From: "Dale Wharton" <dale@dale.cam.org>
Message-Id: <2ddec07d.dale.CAM.ORG@dale.cam.org>
Subject:   Glossary, special ops/LIC

Patrick:  here is a list of US military acronyms, mainly for special
operations and "low intensity conflict."  It contains so many telecom
items that you might be interested.  Best wishes...

Dale Wharton   dale@dale.cam.org    M O N T R E A L    Te souviens-tu?

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AABNCP           Advance Airborne National Command Post
ACOUSTINT        Acoustical Intelligence
AESOP            Airborne Electro-optical Special Operations Payload
AFRIMP           Air Force Reconnaissance and Intelligence Master Plan
AN/PAQ-4         Infrared arming light
APERS            Antipersonnel fragmentation warhead
ASDS             Advanced SEAL Delivery System
BECONET          Beam Control Experimental Technology
BEEHIVE          Flechette-loaded fragmentation shells
BETA             Battlefield Exploitation and Target Acquisition
BLU-26/B SADEYE  One-lb fragmentation bomb with 600 lethal steel shards
BLU-42 WAAPM     Wide-area antipersonnel bomb
BYEMAN           Clearance category for highly secret signals
                   intelligence and satellite imaging data
C3CM             Command, Control, and Communications Countermeasures
C4I              Command/Control/Communications/Computers/Intelligence
CATIS            Computer-Aided Tactical Information System
CEB              Combined Effects Bomblet
CEOI             Communications-Electronic Operating Instructions
CEP              Circular Error Probable
CHALET           Reconaissance satellite (National Security Agency)
CHIP             Communications Handbook for Intelligence Planners
CIPHONY          Enciphered telephone
CIRIS            Consolidated Intelligence Resources Information System
COIN             Counterinsurgency
COINS            Community Online Intelligence System
COMIREX          Committee on Imagery Requirements and Exploitation
COPERNICUS       Navy C4I architecture
CRIMP            Crisis Management Plan
CRITICOMM        Critical Intelligence Communications (National Security
                   Agency's world network for military/civilian leaders)
CUBIC            Common User Baseline for Intelligence Community
DEFSMAC          Defense Special Missile and Astronautics Center
DIANE            Digital Integrated Attack Navigator Equipment (Navy)
DIIP             Defense Intelligence Interoperability Panel
DOCKLAMP         Defense Attache System
DRSP             Defense Reconnaissance Support Center
DRUID            Secret information from a third party intercept
DTM              Data Transfer Module
ECCM             Electronic Counter-Countermeasures
ECM              Electronic Countermeasures
EFLS             Electronic Filmless Camera System
EMERALD          Counternarcotics database (Defense Intelligence Agency)
ENSCE            Enemy Situation Correlation Element (Air Force)
EOCM             Electro-Optical Countermeasures
ESI              Extremely Sensitive Information
FID              Foreign Internal Defense (Special Forces, SEALs
                   overseas training)
FIRMS            Foreign Intelligence Relations Management System
FISINT           Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence
FLEETSAT         Fleet Satellite
FLIR             Forward Looking Infrared Radar
GDIP             General Defense Intelligence Program
GOLDFINGER       Ocean surveillance data management system
HITS             Human Intelligence Tasking System
HOMERUN          Tactical electronic jamming system
HOTPHOTOREP      Hot Photo interpretation Report
HOTSIT           Hot Situation message
HTKP             Hard Target Kill Potential
IDHS             Intelligence Data Handling System
ILSP             Integrated Logistic Support Plans
IMAAP            Intelligence Mission Area Analysis Plan (Air Force)
IMD              Intelligence Management Document
INCA             Intelligence Communications Architecture (Def Int Agcy)
INEWS            Integrated Electronic Warfare System (Air Force)
INSCOM           Intelligence and Security Command (Army)
IPSP             Intelligence Priorities for Strategic Planning
                   (forecasts covering years 1-10 in a 20-year span)
ISSMS            Special Operations Signal Intelligence Manpack System
IUG              Intelligence User's Guide (Defense Intelligence Agncy)
JASORS           Joint Advance Special Operations Radio System
JCSP/Annex E     Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan/Special Operations
JILE             Joint Intelligence Liaison Element (CIA)
JITC             Joint Interoperability Test Center (Army intelligence
                   center and school, Ft Huachuca AZ)
JOPES            Joint Operations Planning and Execution System
JSOSE            Joint Special Operations Support Element
JSPS             Joint Strategic Planning System
JTIDS            Joint Tactical Information Distribution System
KISS             Korean Intelligence Support System
LAAT             Laser Augmented Airborne TOW (helicopter-mounted
                   antitank missile sight)
LAMPS            Light Airborne Multipurpose System
LOROP            Long Range Oblique Photography
LPI/LPD          Low Probability Intercept/Low Probability Detection
LRRP             Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol
LTD/LRF          Laser Target Designator/Laser Range Finder
MAD              Magnetic Anomaly Detection (Navy)
MASINT           Measurement and Signature Intelligence
MAU(SOC)         Marine Amphibious Unit (Special Ops Capable)
MDCI             Multidisciplinary Counterintelligence
MEBE             Middle East Basic Encyclopedia
MERIT            Military Exploitation of Reconnaissance and
                   Intelligence Technology
MILSTAR          Military Strategic, Tactical, and Relay (for satellite
MISREP           Joint tactical air reconnaissance/surveillance Mission
MLS              Microwave Landing System
MOUT             Military Operations in Urban Terrain
MRASM            Medium Range Air-to-Surface Missile
MTT              Mobile Training Teams (Special Forces, overseas)
MUTES            Multiple Threat Emitter System
NARCOG           Narcotics Coordination Group
NAVSPECWARCOM    Naval Special Warfare Command
NETCAP           Tactical exploitation of national space Capabilities
NIPS             Naval Intelligence Processing System
NITF             National Imagery Transmission Format
NMSD             National Military Strategy Document
NOD              Night Observation Device
NOIAN            National Operations and Intelligence Analysis Net
NRO              National Reconnaissance Office
NSOC             National Signals intelligence Operations Center (NSA)
OPSEC            Operations Security
OTAU             Over The Air Updating
PAVE PAWS        Phased-array radar system
PFADS            Psychological operations Foreign Area Data Subsystem
PKO              Peacekeeping Operation
PLSS             Precision Location Strike System
POE              Plan of Execution
PPBS             Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System (produces
                   a two-year budget for the Pentagon)
PSYOPS           Psychological Operations
RATSCAT          Radar Target Scatter System
RAWSII           Raw Statement of Intelligence Interest
RECCEXREP        Reconnaissance Exploitation Report
RPV              Remotely Piloted Vehicle
SAGE             Semiautomatic Ground Environment
SCRAP            Super Caliber Rocket-Assisted Projectile (Army)
SEALS            Sea/Air/Land commando teams (Navy)
SENTINEL BRIGHT  Signals intelligence cryptology training (Air Force)
SERE             Survival, Evasion, Resistance to interrogation (Army
                   training program)
SIGVOICE         Special Interest Group on Voice (NSA)
SIPS             Secondary Imagery Processing System (Defense Int Agncy)
SKYMASTER        OV-2A reconnaissance aircraft
SLAR             Side-Looking Aircraft Radar (used in reconnaissance
                   aircraft and satellites)
SLQ-33           Cover and deception hardware (Navy)
SOADS            Special Operations Automated Data Base
SOCRATES         Special Operations Research, Analysis, and Threat
                   Evaluation System (CIA "umbrella program")
SOF-ATS          Special Operations Forces Aircrew Training System
SOFPARS          Special Operations Forces Planning and Rehearsal System
SPICECOM         Special Purpose Integrated Communications Equipment
SPINTCOMM        Special Intelligence Communications (Defense Int Agncy)
SPIREP           Spot Intelligence Report
STOC             Special Technical Operations Center (Pentagon command
                   center for supersecret "black operations")
TACAMO           Tactical Airborne Command communications aircraft
TAGINT           Tagging Intelligence
T-AGOS           Ocean surveillance ship
TECRAS           Technical Reconnaissance and Surveillance
TIAP             Theater Intelligence Architecture Program
TIARA            Tactical Intelligence And Related Activities
TIGERSHARK       F-20 jet fighter aircraft
TIP              Target Intelligence Package
TMIP             The Military Industrial impact Program
TPFDL            Time, Phased Force, and Deployment List
TR-1             Current generation of U-2 reconnaissance aircraft
TRADOC           Training and Doctrine Command (Army)
TRAM             Target Recognition and Attack Multisensor
TRINE            One of hundreds of self-contained, compartmented
                   "special access" programs requiring clearance beyond
                   Top Secret for the most sensitive intelligence
TRSSCOMM         Technical Research Ship Special Communications
UDT              Underwater Demolition Teams (Navy)
USAJFKSWCS       John F Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School,
                   Ft Bragg NC (Army)
USALWL           US Army Limited War Laboratory
USSOCOM          US Special Operations Command
UWOA             Unconventional Warfare Operational Area
VIGILANTE        A-5 jet reconnaissance aircraft
VOODOO           F-101 interceptor aircraft
WAAM             Wide-Arm Antiarmor Munitions
WAR              Weekly Activity Report (NSA)
WETEYE           750-lb chemical bomb with 403 lbs lethal GB (Sarin) gas
WICS             Worldwide Intelligence Communications System
WTM              World Target Mosaic
XPLT             Exploitation
YG               Garbage transport disposal craft (Navy)

The list is part of an analysis by Louis Wolf:  "Refurbishing Special
Operations for the 1990s." It appeared in _Covert Action Quarterly_ #42,
Fall 1992 (Wolf is director of research and copublisher of the journal).
_Covert Action Quarterly_: ISSN 0275-309X (University Microfilms,
_Alternative Press Index_).  Back issues available ($8 per copy in US)
from Covert Action Publications Inc, 1500 Massachusetts Ave NW (#732),
Washington DC 20005, phone (202) 331-9763, fax (202) 331-9751.

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