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The Millibug

                               THE MiLLiBUG!

---------------------------------by Posca!----------------------------------

  The Millibug is the cheapest, smallest and has a 14 inch long thing 
  that provides the range to be almost a kilometre! It is powered by
  a 9 volt Nickel battery and heres what you will require to build 
  this nice Bug!
  <a> 370 resistor surface mount
  <b> 22k resistor surface mount
  <c> 100k resistor surface mount
  <d> 120k resistor surface mount
  <e> 990k resistor surface mount
  <f> 5p6 ceramic compacitor
  <g> 47p ceramic compacitor
  <h> 1n ceramic compacitor
  <i> 33n ceramic compacitor x2 
  <j> 150n mono block
  <k> bc647 transistor x2
  <l> 5 turn coil .5mm enamelled wire
  <m> 1 microphone
  <n> 14 inch antenna wire
  assemble all components on a veroboard as shown on the diagram below..
  (See above to see what varibles are)
  |            |       |     ____|____         |       |
 <c>          <b>     <d>    |        )        |       |
  |            |       |    <g>     <l>        |       |
  |      __<e>_|__<j>__|     |       _)        |       | 
  |     |      |       |     `---.---'         |       +
  |     |      |       |         |--<n>       <i>    9v Battery
  |     |     /        |        /    |         |       -
  |-<i>-----<k>        |------<k>   <f>        |       |
  |           \        |        \____|         |       |
 <m>           |      <h>        |             |       |
  |            |       |        <a>            |       |
  You must carefully solder all components especially the surface mounts
  as they are very sensitive.
  You must use a very low heat soldering gun (15-30 watts) for these
  resistors as if the resistors heat up too much you would ruin them.
  All these components should be able to fit in a 3cm x 4cm veroboard.
  Once everything is put together make sure the coil is fairly spaced
  out with a very small gap between each turn. The coil is where the
  magnetic flux occurs and this determines the frequency to emit.
  You should be able to pick up the millibug on a FM radio at about
  88Mhz, if not play around with the coil just by shifting it a little 
  bit and it should pick up on this frequency.
  Once you got the bug going, put it in some ones bathroom and you can 
  tune in the radio and record someone having a crap!?!@#!     :)
  Ed: Hahah, i wouldnt put it in a bathroom myself.. rather stick it
      near the victims phone or under their dinner table! =] hehe

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