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Making a listening device out of a plunger

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 - Making a listening device out of a plunger -
   By HaPpYKiLL

 I was recently sitting in my bathroom, using the facilities, when i saw the plunger
behind the high seat. I realized one could make a decent listening device out of one. Heres


1 regular NEW toilet plunger (without the wierd collar on the end)
1 sensitive microphone (up to you to find one)
1 headphone-type socket
1 phono-plug to phono-plug wire (can be found in radio shack)
a good length of wire
a soldering iron
electrical tape
a drill
a bench clamp

and of course, a tape recorder with a microphone jack

How to make it:

 Ok, first unscrew the wooden handle from the rubber suction cup, and clamp it securely in
your bench clamp. Now get the drill, and drill this:

 /\/\/\_________________________________ / / ___
 '-._                                   / /     \
 '-._ '-.                              / /       |
 \/\/\   -----------------------------/ / ------/

       ^-- Hole, drilled at an angle from the center of the end of the stick, out and thru
a side of it.

 Now, take your microphone, and super-glue it into the hole you made in the center end of
the stick. Run the wires thru the hole, and solder them to the phono socket. Then super
glue the socket into the hole on the side of the stick. Make it look good.

 Now, take the rubber suction cup, and drill a hole straight thru the center, into the
screw-threaded socket thing for the "stick". Screw it onto the stick and the microphone
should be right in the middle of the hole. For a good seal you would need to use caulk or
some other sealent to seal up the microphone and rubber suction cup, or else it wont suction
to anything.

Now all thats needed to do is plug one end of the phono wire into the socket on the side of 
the "stick" and the other end into your tape recorder. Simply walk up and attach the plunger
to a door, and you should be able to record the other side of the door. The advatage of
using a plunger as a listening device is if one were so inclined to go into a business
and try to record things, you would appear to be carrying a common toilet plunger.

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