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Shock Box - anarchy tool

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*708/808/7629**         **Wednesday-Febuary 14, 1991**          **Vol #3*
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*                               The Shock Box                           *
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*                             Written By: Spanky                        *
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 "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or
 prohibitting the free excercise thereof; or abbridging the freedom of
 speech or of the press; or of the right of the people peaceably to
 assemble, and to petition the Goverment for a redress of grievances"

Under the above Law set forth in the First Amendment To The Constution
Of The United States Of America, The Author releases this work into the


This is an original box that I have made to casue great havoc for any
any phone system..If ya need a day off work, and you do a lot of phone
work then this is a good way to do it..If ya just hate someone cause 
they are an idiot, then this is a good way to ruin there day..I DO
have a working version of this box, but I have never used it..I assume
that it would work for it's intended purpose..

**Vol #3**

Before you can impress your friends with your ability to wipe out the
schoool's Merlin system, you will need a few things..

     6ft long extension cord (2 prong type).
     A Small flashlight with batteries
     A light sensitive lamp control.
     2 - Roach Clips (Alligator Clips)
     A Strong Tape. Electrical would work..     

All the things you need are available at Kmart.While you are there,
try some of the fun stuff you can do at Kmart included in our previous
Gphile: "Vol #2 - Phun In Stores".. 

Unless you are brain dead, this box is SIMPLE to make and use..
First, tape the flashlight to the lamp control.  Do this in such
a way that the bulb of the flashlight is over the sensor on the lamp

Next, cut the female end off of the extension cord.. Strip the insulation
off of both wires, and conect one roach clip to each wire.. Plug the 
other end of the extension cord into the lamp control..

Your box is now ready to use..

For the simple minded I will explain exactly how to use it..Clip the 
roach clips to the red and green of any phone system..If it is a big
system, hook them to the terminal posts in the box..Now, turn on the
flashlight!! Then plug the lamp control into any wall outlet..
The 6ft cord should give ya room to hide your box...That is it..
When the batteries die out, the light will dim or go out completely
and trigger the lamp control to switch on..This will send 120V AC into
a system with 24 gauge wire made to handle about 60V DC..You can use
the sensitivity adjuster on the lamp control to control the length of
time before it is engaged..It would be optimal to have it switch on
when no one is around..

This box could also be used for home security or torture..If ya have 
any improvements to this box, or if ya use it, get in touch with me.
I would be happy to hear about it..

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