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Build a spark transmitter and make lots of enemies

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au@ix.netcom.com(au) wrote:

>Hi there,

>I'm looking for plans for a spark transmitter for the CB band.  I need
>at least a 1000 watt unit.

>Thank you,


I think you need to do some research on what a spark transmitter is
and how it works... A spark transmitter is a VERY broad band thing.
You can NOT tune it to a specific channel, nor can you control it's
bandwidth. A  spark transmitter with an antenna tuned  to 11 meters
would probably wipe out everything from 10-40MHz. Spark transmitters
have been illegal since around 1940something because all they do is
cause great amounts if interference. If all you wanna do is jam
communications, then a spark transmitter is for you- but take heed,
you'll have EVERY HAM operator within 30 miles of you hunting you
down, and the HAMS will have help from all the local radio and
television stations. The FCC will be very interested, as a spark
transmitter is considered "Willful and harmful intereference to
licenced and approved communications."

Now- to build one, you need a neon sign transformer, some heavily
insulated wire, like teevee picture tube high voltage wire. Use a
switch in the AC line side of the transformer. Ground the metal case
of the transformer with 10 gauge or larger wire. Make sure it's a
ground rod ground or good cold water pipe ground. Use the hi voltage
wire to lead from the insulated high voltage terminal to your antenna.
Make sure your antenna wire is well off the ground because anyone
touching it will be fried. Your antenna needs to be 1/4 wavelength of
the frequency you want to radiate most of your signal on..   Now for
the actual spark gap-  I have found a piece of coat hanger wire
attavhed to a ground screw on the transformer case and bent to leave
the end of the coat hanger wire 1 inch or so from the insulated high
voltage terminal  works well. Turn on the power switch and check your
spark. It should be nice and blue-white. Turn the power off and bend
the coat hanger wire so it's closer or further from the terminal until
you get a good fat spark that comes on immediately when you apply
power. Have fun causing intereference. (BTW- a good neon sign xfmr
will radiate a couple hundred watts. An oil  fired furnace has an
ignition transformer which is real similar to a neon sign transformer,
but a little more power.  )

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