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The Taser Stun Gun

|           """""""""""""""""          |
|   Artificial Intelligence Log 0.04   |
|  StunGun: Deffensive and Offensive   |
|  Strategies; Mods to kit; 10/3/86    |

        Need a weapon, but don't want to hassle the registration, or worry
about being caught possesing 1?  Then there is now the StunGun[s/g]...it is
legal in most states.

        Actually, the s/g is based on the TaserGun, that the cops now use to
subdue violent offenders.  The s/g is a modification the the kit u buy.
The kit has 2 prongs that u must actually push into the victum-which is stupid
and risky for 3 reasons:

  1) the attacker may mistake the s/g as a weapon and shooot u dead right there
     when u try to pull it out
  2) the attacker may shoot u as u try to stab him with the electrodes
  3) there may be more than 1 attacker

        The modification disguises it as a shity-old flashLight so he will
think nothing of it as you zap him.  Take an old beat-up medium sized flash
light about 6 inches long...it has to be long enuf 2 house the p_c board,
dart gun mechanism, flashLight battery etc...now, mount  the p_c board into
the back part, leaving nuf room for dart-gun mech...be sure to fan-fold the
electrod wire so when the dart fires, it will lead nice and smooth, and fast.
U might want to put in a powerful BB-gun type air-powered projecter to make
sure the electrodes penetrate a thick leather jacket.  If you are really
mechanicaly oriented, U would best to make it reatractable, so u can zap
1 attacker, stun him for a sec, retract the elect., then zap the others...


1) it would be best if u make the s/g still shine a light-to keep the disgise-
and to avoid suspicion.
2) test the s/g out periodically on ur neighbors dog or cat to make sure the
battery is up to power and the circuit's r working right--> note, if the
animal goes into a convulsing, twitching-muscle lock and dies frothing at the
mouth, its putting out too much wattage...tune it down a bit.  U not wanto
to get into the situation wher u zap some ugly-reeking ultimate bad-ass
psycho and have it give him a nasty shock and start an epileptic-provoking
electrical neuro-storm and he goes crazy on ya!!!!!!  Its not as hard as you
might think to test it out and get some practive on a human subject:
The original developers paid a volunteer to pose as a human guini pig...U 2
can put out an ad in some punk-rocker bar and will be surprised at the # of
low-lifes wanting to get off on this 'new drug' or 'ultimate pain dispensor'
ha, one punk gang requires it as an initiation to get into their gang and
if u ever wanted out, u would have to stand up for 5 full secs of 25K wat!
  NOte: 1 sec at 25K wats will stun ua, and posibly confuse u for a bit, as
ur neurons deal with the surge of activity and u hear the crisp crack of
flesh being burned away adn the bright arc of lightning blind ya...5 secs
is usually enuf to knock u unconscious for 30-45 mins.

3) now that u r a certified s/g operator, here are some off/deff strategies for
various situations u may find urself in some fine day...

case A: ur strolling down the street one fine day in may, on the south side
of Chicago, at 3am, don't ask y, ur lost or want to do some s/g practice...
when a dark NEGRO pops down from an overhead fireEscape and kindly says:
100 doll-as???...i will surely pay u back on tuesdday'...now, the best way
to handle this fuckUp is to hand over ur fake wallot with fake-counterFit
bills and fake ID int it...(note: incase he does get away, u not want him to
l8r be caught with ur drivers liscense etc, cuz cases have been known where
some dumbFuck temp. secretary has mistakenly given u his long criminal
record-which could take months and major hassles to fix...)  Always keep ur
real wallot inside the inseams in ur jacket or pants, or inside pockets.
---> do NOT attempt to talk ur way into any kinda deal with by offering
phreak codz etc, as these inner-city scums usually r 9th grade dropouts
whoes volcalbulary consists of < 100 words and will not understand or
believe u!  Now, in tis case, u would not pull out ur s/g, rather, wait
til he is running away THEN zap him!!!  also note that these punks may
have a gun on ya, but usually r NOT loaded, cuz they don't want the
hassles of that either...but it IS loaded, the s/g will cause him to convulse
and may make him pull the trigger, so its best to zap him in the back.

case b: ur driving along at a nice clip along a highWay with ur rader jammer
 when a gang of 'mad max' types chucks a rock thru ur windsheild forcing
u to jam on the brakes and stop...now, if there are about 3-4 of em, just
get out ur s/g and be ready to zap the leader, u no, the big, ugly one...
this will cause the other punks to scatter like flies.  If there are more,
and u have the retractable s/g, zap one, retract, zap the others til u have
them undercontrol...BUT, if they look like they have guns or bombs, HIT
Variations on case a: if u are driving an 18 weeler thru the inner city and
got stopped at a light, and u see some 'saba-haba-howba-duba' nigger standing
on the corner with a pair of boltCutters lookin at ya, there are 2 things u
can do here: u no that in 15 secs they have the bac doors open and are D/Ling
crates...1) lay on the airHorn and run the red...2) reverse and crush em
against the car behind, then floor it and run the red...if u don't wanto
do these optons, then booby-trap the bac doors to zap'em...

case c: u gots a burgler breaking in...if he is any good and sees ur array
of strobing LEDs and thinks he can get by, rig up a motion detector to the
s/g and zap him upon entry...u would then have ur sys autoScan #s til it finds
help and plays a digitized voice of the emergency.

Things to do: say u need bux fast, but don't wanta risk a holdup? well then,
merely zap the 7-11 attendant, what could be easier??  or u may even build
a remote controled model helicopter with a zaper on it to hold up a bank...
they already have ultra small cameras that use CCDs, or Charged Coupled
Devices that can see in the dark etc...all crontroled on a microwave freq,
what can they do besides shoot it down or try to jam the freq?  ...well,
i think u can come up with some innovative ideas on ur own...atom...A_I

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