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About a hacker bust in Stockholm, Sweden


Today I recived a call from 'LES MANLEY' the former SysOp of the ex:PWA EuroHQ
Second Front that recently was busted. Les Manley who was accused for giving 
out the new SysOp 'ICEMAN' to the federal police of sweden gave me some brand
new add-on info to the subject.

The PWA supplier located at Microsoft, 'DARK LORD' was recently canned from his
work as his cheifs suspected him for the already mentioned illegal activity.
Dark Lord who also wrote alot of textfiles concerning the busts earlier told 
some people that if he ever got busted he would turn 'ICEMAN' and 'LES MANLEY' 
over to the police and BSA. So here was maybe his chance...

As Les Manley left the staff on Second Front a few months earlier he was no 
longer in the staff. Still the police got over to his place with a search 
warrant and grabbed alot of equipment from the old BBS. They also knew that
he earlier had been active in operating the BBS. Probably the police was on
the Second Front a long time before they actually busted it. Iceman who was 
picked up by the police a few days after Les Manley is still arrested until
the investigation is all cleared up. 

When Les Manley was interogated, the police told Les Manley they got a list of
pirateboards in sweden who were under investigation. They asked him what boards
he used to knew but ofcourse he didn't mention any. The Judge at Obscene Phobia
can feel safe, Les Manley is not into taking anyone down even if he's one of 
the most hated guys in Sweden. Textfiles about Les Manleys wife and Iceman are
all lies and there is NO truth whatsoever in the rumours about Les Manley in
cooperation with the police and taking 'ICEMAN' and Second Front down. Neither
is the rumour about Les Manley sabotaging the Second Front BBS computer true. 

Les Manley will be accused for operating with stolen equipment. Iceman will get
the same charge plus the one of running a pirateboard. Zany who someone earlier 
mentioned in a textfile is NOT involved in any way accoarding to Les Manley.

Finally I would like to say that I have known Les Manley for over five years
and I know that we all make mistakes but in this case Les Manley did NOT make
the mistake, someone else did...

						-- MindBender 95-03-15

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