TUCoPS :: Cyber Law :: adultdis.txt

Disclaimer to use when trading adult files

***********READ ALL INFORMATION BELOW!!!*************

The attached file is of adult nature by downloading this file you attest and
agree to the following:
1.  You are over the age of 21.
2.  You actively request this material.
3.  You are not employed by, acting on behalf of, or representing any of the
       a.  any federal or local law enforcement agency.
       b.  any postal inspection agency. 
       c.  any investigative body of any kind. 
       d.  America Online, Inc.
4.  You agree that the contents of this file is within your community
5.  You agree that the sender assumes no responsibility for any consequences
resulting from the downloading of this file.
6.  You agree that this file will be used for personal purposes only.

If you do not want or did not request this file, do not download it, notify
me immediately, and I will refrain from sending any more like it to you.


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