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A guide to having a BBS that the feds don't fuck with

== BABBS001.TXT == ANTI-FED BBS SECURITY =================================
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           / ____  /\/ /  / / /_  __/  \  \  /
          / /\  / / / /  / /  \/ /\ \  /\__/
         / /___/ / / /__/ /   / /  \_/
        /_______/ /______/   /_/   /
        \       \ \      \  /\ \  /
         \_______\ \______\/  \_\/ Call RAISTLIN'S TOWER (815) 964-6313

-=> (C)1991 by Babbs Boy of MIDNIGHT SOCIETY <=-

   Permission is granted to reproduce this file in whole or in part in any
form provided the following conditions are met:

   o This and/or any pieces of information to be disclosed with said
     document are not to be used in any way which may incriminate or other-
     wise inconvenience the owner or operator of any computer system
     not bearing the Atari logo
   o The author's name and/or logo are not removed from the said document
     if more than forty (40) lines of said document are to be reproduced
     in any form
   o The author and/or distributor of said information cannot and will not
     be held responsible for any of the information contained therein. (I'm
     legally insane, what's your excuse?)
   o The information contained herein is not to be used for any illegal
     purposes! (Wink wink, nudge nudge, fingers crossed, etc.)

Now that we're past the legal BS, on with the show!

Hi ho!  Babbs Boy writing here on my trusty non-Atari computer!  I suppose
that the title of this document (Anti-Fed BBS security) may leave you
wondering what the hell this thing is about... let's put it like this: I
dont like the feds AT ALL, and I am a proponent of anything which will make
their jobs a helluva lot harder.  That is what this document happens to be
about: how to make your BBS persecution-proof.

Let's start with the log on screen:  If FEDZ want anything from your board,
they are required to provide 100% accurate information.  Anyone working
with the FEDZ is also required to provide 100% accurate information,
otherwise, anything that they have gathered to be used against you cannot
be used in court.  What this means is that they cant even get a search-
warrant if you've used clever enough phrasing.

Let's look at a dingy which you are free to rip from this document and use
to your heart's content:

This first one is a message which should be displayed to new users:

  By continuing use of this system, you are agreeing that you are able to
  truthfully make the following statements.  If you are unable to make
  the following statements, or they are not binding in your case, then
  terminate connection with this system NOW.  Further use of this system by
  persons not able to comply with the above constitutes trespassing, and is
  punishable by law.
    1> I am not and have never been affiliated in ANY WAY with any law
       enforcement agency.  This would include Federal workers, Police,
       Firemen, Politicians AND any other worker drawing ANY pay from ANY
       government agency.
    2> I do not report to ANY federal agency or agency personnel in any
       form, directly or indirectly.
    3> I agree that any information obtained through the use of said system
       is for private use ONLY.  I accept ALL responsibility for any data
       obtained from the system which is not destroyed in its entirity
       within a one (1) hour period after previewing.
    4> The operator of this system cannot be held responsible for any of
       the data available within the system, as the data is provided by the
       users of the system, not the operator.  By contributing data, the
       users have agreed that the data could not be used to incriminate
    5> Should my status concerning the first four statements ever change, I
       will take the following steps:
       A> Log in to this system
       B> Notify the system operator of my new status through electronic
       C> Log off of the system without using ANY additional system
       D> Destroy all records of information contained within said system
          within a two (2) hour period
       E> Cease to call said system

What this essentially says is that everything on the board isn't yours, and
you don't know/care where it came from.  It also means that any FEDZ or
wankies which report to the FEDZ cannot even continue to call the system
without you being able to sue their asses.  This means that if they even
try to press any charges, charges are dropped and YOU get to sue THEM!

This should be on your log-on screen...

  By entering data into the name and/or password fields which follow (other
  than the word NEW followed by a single carriage return), you agree to ALL
  of the terms listed in the NEW USER section.  If you do not know what
  these terms are, please enter "NEW(carriage return)" now.
That one is shorter and to the point.  Now, as for files, message, etc.
sections, you might want to put this little notice in there:

  By continuing use of the feature which you have selected, you agree to be
  bound by the following terms: <1> Any information obtained by the use of
  said funtion is for personal use only. <2> Any responsibility for any of
  the information lies with Steve Wozniak.  <3> If you cannot comply with
  terms 1 or 2, or they are not legally binding in your case, you will drop
  carrier now.

Steve Wozniak, by the way, is the co-founder of Apple computers.  What this
means is that they CANNOT legally use your file and/or message sections, as
they cannot hold Steve Wozniak responsible for someone else's actions.
Because of the "...or they are not legally binding in your case..." phrase,
they cannot even do this WITH A WARRANT.

--===>>>> {POINTERS} >>>>===--

NEVER keep your real name in a handle OTHER than SYSOP unless you have a
handle which does ONLY LEGAL garbage.  Use another handle for evil
activities, and tell people that you dont even know who that that person is.

Dont require your friends to keep their real names/phone numbers, etc. in
your system.  If anything ever DID happen, you wouldnt wanna drag them down
with you.

DISABLE CONTROL C during displays of disclaimer information

DONT LEAVE ANYTHING ILLEGAL in the public message/file areas.  Make sure
that nobody even MENTIONS anything illegal in the public areas.

Give general (non ELITE) users SMALL on-line time (15 to 30 minutes TOPS!)

Keep 2 levels of ELITE - one level should be a user-test level, the other
the real thing.

If you can afford or otherwise get it, get one of those neat little
system-security cards that lets you encrypt EVERYTHING ON THE HARD-
DRIVE HOPELESSLY so that the only way you can run software from your
hard drive is by entering the correct password at startup.  Dont write
the password down ANYWHERE.  If it is something like FEDZ$UCK, then you
can plead the 5th if they ask/demand to know what it is, based on the
fact that the password itself is evil, but nothing IN the system is.

Congratulations!  You are now FED-IMMUNE!  They CANNOT legally use your

If you have ANY questions, I can be reached on RAISTLIN'S TOWER OF HIGH
SORCERY @ (815) 964-6313.   --==>>]3ABBS ]3OY<<==--

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