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BC Hell's Crackdown on BBSes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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By: Jeff Bailey, NET 4604 HOST (4604/0)
To: Kevin Scott
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Note: This is being Carbon copied to nets 1604, 4604 and 7604.  Other nets will
receie the notice within the week

Re: Business rates for BBS's.

Message to all Bulletin Board Users in BC

Unfortunately, the rumors are true, and B.C. Tel is planning to charge
Bulletin Service Operators BUSINESS rates instead of the current RESIDENTIAL
rates. Charging business rates would mean the demise of many of your BBS'.
Many of the BBS' that will be affected are run as non-profit public services
at the expense of the sysop(s).

But, it is not to late to change their minds, if ALL of us act now.
I suggest that you start phoning B.C. Tel's Customer Service offices, write
write to their headquarters, and send a letter to the CRTC. I have given all
applicable addresses and phone numbers below, and they can also be found on
page 4 of the 1990 Vancouver White pages.

Most of you know that all this started when a local BBS asked B.C. Tel to
instal 16 RESIDENTIAL lines for their BBS.  As it turns out, this BBS is
sponsored by a company to the extent that a user can order a product from
within the BBS.  When B.C. Tel asked this BBS to pay for business lines, they
turned around and implicated ALL other BBS'.  They overlooked the fact that
many of the local BBS' were run by individuals, with no business areas!

Also, B.C. Tel. is holding a public forum on July 10th.  The time and place
have not yet been announced, but B.C. Tel's Customer Service office should be
able to tell you shortly.  Give them a call, and ATTEND.

Northern BBS users should DEMAND a similar forum in Prince George!!!!!

We cannot wait until the change has been implemented, we must act NOW.
Unfortunately, I will be absent for most of July, and will not be able to
monitor this, so I ask ALL of you to act on this NOW.

Contact your local office today and speak your mind.  (Be nice and objective.)
Please ask to speak to a manager!

1) Tell them that most BBS's are run as public services, by individuals, as a
hobby. Tell them that you appreciate the service that the sysop provides, and
the B.C. Tel.'s action is jeopardizing the BBS'.

2) Tell them that you are in support of them charging BUSINESS rates for
company sponsored BBS'.  Again say that most BBS' are run as a service, on a
non-profit basis.

3) Tell them that B.C. Tel. has been aware of its customers problems in the
past, and ask them to reconsider their actions.

4)  Make sure that you thank them for there time, and leave them your name and
telephone number so that they can contact you.

Also, I have called them a few times now, and each time I got a run-around, BE
persistent, ask people for their names, and don't give up until you have
talked to someone in charge.  THIS campaing must start immediately!  Call Now!

                        PLEASE POST THIS EVERYWHERE!!!!

Addresses and Telephone #'s.

Take a look at page 2 & 3 of the white pages.  They list all of the info given
below in more detail!

***************NOTE....NUMBERS EDITED FOR NORTHERN CUSTOMERS***************

Customer Service Lines  - ask for THE supervisor.

Residential 565-3411 (no charge for long distance)
Business    565-3333    "    "    "    "    "


Customer Service Manager - Ask for his/her name & number when you talk
to the supervisor.



Customer Service Headquarters

432-3751 (or 1-800-663-6587)



Customer Service Manager                   CRTC
Headquarters, B.C. Tel.      and           Ste 1500-800 Burrard
18th Floor                                 Box 1580, Vancouver
3777 Kingsway, Bby.                        V6Z 2G7
V5H 3Z7

                                     Muncher (Revelations BBS)

Thanks  to Shane Rosborough of Fantasia BBS ( A User ) For this message.
People not in  the Lower Mainland will have
to find alternate phone numbers for these, but the mailing
addresses should turn out to be the same ones anyways.

Please note that BcTEL's business rates are approximately $50.

Jeff Bailey, Net4604HOST.
             Signews Editor.


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