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Phone Company Illegally Blocks Calls 2 of 2

August 28,1988

     This is a follow-up to the narrative file BLOCKERS.ARC.  If you haven't 
already done so, you should download that file and read it.  This part of the 
story starts where the original ended.

     After filing a request for reconsideration of my complaint, I received a 
reply from the Iowa State Utilities Board which said, in part:
"Thank you for your letter dated August 22, 1988, with additional comments 
concerning your complaint on the blocking of access to certain telephone 
numbers by Teleconnect.

"To ensure that the issues are properly investigated, we are forwarding your 
comments to the company and requesting a response by September 15, 1988."

     Again, this is a very large issue.  Simply stated, it is:  Does ANY 
telephone company have the right to "block" (or refuse to place) calls to ANY 
number on the basis of unsubstantiated, uninvestigated charges of "telephone 
fraud", especially when the alleged fraud was committed by a third party 
without the knowledge of the called party?  In the specific case, the question 
becomes; Can a long distance carrier refuse to handle calls to a BBS solely 
because some unknown crook has placed fraudulently-charged calls to that BBS?

     Read BLOCKERS.ARC, and then make YOUR voice be heard by lodging protests 
with the agencies listed in that file.  Incidentally, when you write, please 
cite file number C-88-161.

     If you have any additional information which might be helpful in this 
battle, please let me know.  I check the following BBSs very regularly:
     Hawkeye RBBS, Ben Blackstock, SYSOP    319-363-3314   ($15/year)
     The Forum, John Oren, SYSOP            319-365-3163   (Register Free)

     You can also send info to me via U.S. Mail to:

                     7441 Commune Court, N.E.
                     Cedar Rapids, Iowa  52402
     I hope that, by this time, you realize how significant this battle is for 
all of us.  If we lose, it opens the door for telephone companies to dictate 
to us just who we can (or cannot) call, especially with modems.  We CAN'T let 
that happen!  And, thanks for your support.
                                       Jim Schmickley
                                       Hawkeye PC Users' Group
                                       Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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