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Declaration of Digital Independence by Se7en

                   Declaration of Digital Independence

     We, the computer-literate and technologically superior, in order to
 break the ignorant chains of those who hold us back, do hereby declare our
 freedom from those who control what they do not understand. We wish to no
 longer hear the cries of "pornography-superhighway" and "cyber-patrol". We
 reject the repulsive nonsense shoved down our throats by all forms of media
 telling of the dangers of piracy, pornography, and in general, free thought.
 There are no "cyber-molesters" we cannot stop as a people. If you educate
 your children like the good parent you should be, they should know what is
 right and what is wrong, and will be wise, young judges, with free thought
 and judgement. We cannot simply "block" what we find offensive, on the net,
 on bulletin boards, and as we all know, in real life. We must learn to deal
 with the "day to day inadequacies" of life, and we must not simply become
 mindless drones of those that fight to restrict freedom. We must fight even
 harder than they, and we must fight to stay free, or all right is lost. If
 it's not worth fighting for, then you have already been brainwashed.

    The internet (NOT info-superhighway, or i-way, as those terms are simply
 insulting and degrading, made up by the ignorant) cannot and SHOULD NOT be
 regulated. It should be allowed to make it's own rules. It is bigger than
 any world you can and can't imagine, and it will not be controlled. It is
 the embodiment of all that is free; free information, friendship, alliances,
 materials, ideas, suggestions, news, and more. The "Cyber-Angels" are only
 well-meaning do-gooders with nothing better to do than to "tattle" on those
 with different ideas than they. They use entrapment, and have twisted their
 ideas and values to make them apply to cyberspace, trying to rule an area
 they do not understand. Fighting for the freedom to think is good, but to
 fight for an idea you believe is the only true idea is itself ignorance. The
 nazis believed that they were superior, in ideas and actions, and the "Cyber
 Angels" are nothing more. You cannot stop freedom of thought, and they try
 anyway, to convert anyone and everyone to their mode of thought. But those
 of us who see clearly know that the internet is the greatest invention ever,
 topping the telephone and electricity. It is a gathering of the mental body
 of billions of people, and we will not be stopped.

    The media, as it is known, is the propaganda vending machine of today.
 As a whole, they trip over themselves, feeding lies to the ignorant, and we
 who are not will watch too, to laugh at the stupidity that is the media. We
 sit in front of our televisions, or listening to the radio, or looking at a
 newspaper or a magazine, and we laugh. We laugh and laugh, because the media
 has become a ridiculous pool of lies and half-truths. They say we're more
 dangerous than sicknesses, and nuclear weapons, because we choose to laugh
 at their ideas and boundaries, and we fight to expand them. We laugh at the
 pitiful security devices used to keep knowledge from spreading, and we rip
 down the beaurocratic bullshit tape they put up in virtual doorways. We call
 the boards they show on the news, covered in ideas and values different than
 theirs, and we like it. We like asking for a computer program that we never
 would have bought, and having it show up in our mailboxes. We like leaving
 messages on BBS' containing information on how to blow up a building or how
 to kill a man with your bare hands. We like it, not because it scares people
 or because it's "twisted" or "evil", but because it's forbidden, and lost.
 You do not know what a "redbox" is? Come, friend, and I will spread the lost
 knowledge. And when I tell you, you will tell another, and we will be held
 together by the knowledge which we "should not know". We are the illuminati,
 and the enlightened. We look not to the old sciences of textbook learning,
 but to the primitive ways, of communication and experience.

      We are sickened by the unenlightened. We despise those who wish not to
 learn, and those who read the same books, over and over again, under
 different names, believing that they are learning. We are the "different",
 and the "abnormal", those who are sometimes disliked because we regurgitate
 the lies fed to us by the governing. Everyone has the need to know, the
 curiosity of the caveman who invented fire, but some have been trained like
 monkeys, not ever knowing it's there. They simply accept things, and do what
 is expected of them, and this is sad. They are those who never fight back,
 and never open their minds. And they are, unfortunately, usually the
 governing bodies; the teachers, bosses, police, federal agents, congressmen,
 senators, parents, and more. And this, my friend, must change.
     We will not be "voted out", and we will not be mentally disfigured. If
 they had the chance, government and the media would give everyone a virtual
 labotamy. Our minds to be held in chains, forced to take in what is given.
 This is unacceptable. We will not be held down, by the ignorant, the
 foolish, and especially the lazy. We take your textbooks and your lies,
 and we put them back in the dusty storerooms where they belong. And we
 share ideas, and make new ones, and sometimes ask for a hand to hold, and
 not one around our throat. We see what no others can, and what no others
 want to see. It is a technological revolution, and a revolution of ideas.
 We will fight in battles for our freedom to think, should there be any, but
 we will not start any. We are not a violent group, but our opposition
 believes ideas should not be let loose to grow, and they will begin the
 battle. They have no honor, stealing from us our rights, our liberty, and
 our freedom of thought. And for this, we label them unforgiven...

 - Anarchy, and the AoC...

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