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BBS Standard Issue Disclaimer


All users are required to read the following notices. If you 
are unwilling to abide by the following terms, then you must 
stop using this Bulletin Board System (hereafter called "BBS").
Your continued use of this system constitutes acknowledgment 
that you have read, and agreed to, the terms and conditions 
described in this bulletin.

1.  Message Bases and Electronic Mail:

As a general policy, the operators of this BBS prefer to keep 
Electronic Mail (E-mail) private - however:

Pursuant to the Electronic Communication Privacy Act of 1986 
(18 U.S.C. 2701 et seq.), notice is hereby given that there are
no facilities provided by this system for sending or receiving 
private or confidential electronic communications. The 
operators of this BBS can read all messages left on this 
system, including Electronic Mail (E-mail) messages addressed 
to persons other than the system operators.  "System operators"
and the term "Sysop" refers to those persons responsible for 
the operation and maintenance of this BBS and their designated
agents.  The system operators reserve the right to delete any 
message, regardless of whether such message has been received 
by its intended recipient(s).  The system operators also 
reserve the right to change the status of a a private "E-mail" 
message so that such message is public and available to all 
callers.  The status of a message may be changed whenever, in 
the sole discretion of the system operators, it is believed 
appropriate to do so.  The system operators reserve the right, 
without limitation, to grant "Sysop" status to other persons. 
Such persons have access to all communications on this BBS and 
may have all rights of a system operator, including the ability
to delete or change the status of messages.  The system 
operators will cooperate fully with telephone companies and law
enforcement agencies to pursue the prosecution and conviction 
of anyone attempting unlawful access or anyone using this board
for unlawful activities.

2.  Download files:

The operators of this system take reasonable care with regard 
to the files that are posted for download.  However, the system
operators cannot be held responsible for the software on this 
system.  All software is taken by you "as is" and you assume 
the entire risk of any harm that might occur through your use 
of this software.  In addition, there are some files in the 
download section that are sexually oriented.  These files are 
clearly identified as such in the download menus - if you are 
under 21 years of age, you are NOT authorized to download them.

Every user of this BBS explicitly acknowledges that all 
information, including all software, obtained from this BBS 
is provided "AS-IS" without warranty of any kind, either 
express or implied, including but not limited to the implied
warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular 
purpose, and that the entire risk of acting on information 
obtained from this BBS, including the entire cost of all 
necessary remedies, is with those who choose to act on such 
information and not the operator of this system.  In no event 
will the operators of this BBS be held liable for incidental
or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, 
destruction of data or damage to equipment.

The system operators reserve the right to refuse access to any 
person for any reason.  This notice can be reviewed at any time
by entering the <U>tilities section and selecting <D>isclaimer.

Posted March 16, 1988

Now that all that's been said, we want to say that this BBS 
is the same friendly one it's always been - don't let all the
legalese scare you away!                
                                     - Jeff Hunter, Sysop

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