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Phone Phreak Bugs FBI!


John "Captain Crunch" Draper three time
convicted phone phreak (fraud by wire)
discovered what may be the ultimate
phone tapping method.
"I knew the phone company utilized an
automatic verification in many areas,
this allowed the operators to go across
(listen in) on any line in there area
to see if it was in use or out of
service. There was a short time limit
which automatically disconnected the
operator after using this procedure.
Some years ago i figured out how to
access the auto-verify system with a
blue box, bypassing the humane
operator. This was possible because the
phone company had installed a common
verify trunk through a number of local
toll centers.
I discovered i could acces this trunk
by dialing a seven digit number and
then a three digit access code (with
the blue box). This would connect me to
any phone line for as long as i choose
to stay on the wire. This same
procedure was used by Telco to verify
for conversation and " check for
trouble on the line" a euphemism for
lisening in on an interesting line.
The implications of this were
staggering. I listened to the local
FBI'S private lines, the local ATTORNEY
GENERAL, the local CIA, and even phone
company SECURITY AGENTS. Afer a while
the auto verify system would only
connect to each line for a short while,
but i could overide this problem by
shoving a 2600hz tone down the line".
John was eventualy busted by FBI agents
tapping his phone, who were well,
surprised to here THEIR OWN
through the door at 2:00 am one morning
to have a little chat with John about
his unusual talent....
What did they talk about on there
"secure private lines" "mostly there
golf games and there wives" was Johns
comments to a local newspaper.
The auto verify concept has since been
phased out in most areas, but the idea
of the phone company installing an
automatic tap for any line in there
system, from any phone in their
system,is a startling one
   P-80 SYSTEMS....................

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