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Elementary school kids in Berkeley get brainwashed about BAD HACKERS

   this was in todays east bay section of the "chronicle" (thur.feb 4, 1993)

	"Students at a Berkeley elementary school have helped begin an 
innovative new educational program to discourage illegal computer hacking.
	Developed by LAWRENCE LIVERMORE NAT'L LABRATORY, the program premiered
at Berkeley's Emerson Elementary School last month.
	'Right now, there's a computer in every classroom,' said Lonnie Moore,
Lawrence livermore's computer security manager. 'What we found was that nobody
out there is teaching ethics and security.'
	In the future, the instruction will be offered on a limited basis in 
schools in other Bay Area communities as part of a pilot computer security
outreach program run by the labs computer division.
	Donovan Merck, manager of the State Dept. of Education's education 
technology division, said that as far as he knows, the training is the first in
the state for the young children. 
	The new program involves a 30-minute long multimedia prsentation that
includes puppets, a slide show, and proffesionally produced videos.
	Gail Warshawsky, the lab's computer security education coordinator, said
the debut of the presentation at Emerson, a kindergarden-through-3rd-grade 
school near the University of California, was a success. 'It went extremely 
well' she said. 'even the kindergartners were able to understand it completely.
They all got the message hat computer information is something that needs to be
protected and that using somebody else's computer information without their
permission is stealing'
The program was put together after Gene Ulansky, a Berkeley man whose child
attends Emerson, requested a program on computers and security from the lab's
speakers bureau.
	Warshawsky said she saw Ulansky's request as an opportunity to start a
pilot program designed for younger children that she had been working on for 
several years.
	Computer security education for the very young is important, she said,
'We live in a computer world, not a paper world. Children have to be aware of
things like viruses. They have to be aware of the importance of protecting 
things like information.'
	Her presentation includes a slide-show and four short videos based on 
computer security scenarios. The videos were scripted by Warshawsky and produced
by Images And Motion, a group of Sonoma County puppeteers that make commercial
film and television programs.
	They star 'Chip' a puppet computer, 'Goosberry' an improperly trained
computer programmer and 'Dirty Dan,' a hacker.
	One video discusses how a computer can be infected with a virus from
bootlegging other programs. Another describes how eating or drinking near a 
computer can destroy the machine or damage its data.
	Others show why passwords should be safeguarded and how information can
be stolen by somoone with unauthorized access to a computer.
	Warshawsky uses her own sock puppet, 'Goldie Sock,' to elaborate points
raised in the slides and videos and to answer questions from the young audience.
(artical written by Bill Wallace)

I suddenly feel sick.

/robin hack/

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