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A true story of what happened to a careless hacker.

Learning your lesson the easy way

This is the very short story of a hacker named wipeout. He was finished 
before he even got started due to carelessness. Everything within this text 
is true and is intended to teach young and upcoming hackers what NOT to do.
Wipeout had been in the military for several years and he was the best at 
network administration at his command. In these few years his ego had grown 
tremendously. He though he was uncatchable. He broke in and out of computers 
throughout the command undetected which served to inflate his ego even more. 
He read and studied all the hacking text he could find to learn how to 
remain undetected. Wipeout was due out of the military within a few weeks so 
he decided, Hey i'm gonna pay the freaks back for all the crap I had to put 
up with. So wipe out then decided to make a hidden group inside 
exchangeadministrator and give it the legendary name of ALT 255. Now anyone 
who doesn't know what happens when you hold the ALT key and hit 255 on the 
keypad should try it. It created a blank space for a name so it wouldn't 
show up easily. Inside this group were everyone in the command's e-mail 
accounts. Say about 4000 accounts. The e-mail address assigned to the group 
was payback@"Command name". So with this made he left the command knowing 
one day he would pay them back.
Once wipeout was out the military, he became careless about his exploits. 
Now on the outside there were people who could and would eventually catch 
him. He became so bent on revenge he sent an e-mail " without spoofing the 
ip address " or anything straight to the account. When the e-mail hit it had 
done exactly what he had expected it to do. It replicated 4000 times in the 
exchange server and crashed over 300 computers in the command. It was a very 
large hit doing very little damage. Every computer just needed to be 
rebooted. It was never intened on doing damage, it was intended as more of a 
" Hey I am still here and I am still un catchable" type of bomb.
Wipeout was soon called by the military athourityies, who had after just 30 
hours traced it back to his town! They were trying to trace it back further 
but the isp had deleted their logs! SO once this had happened wipeout knew 
he was finished and he panicked." Panicking is never a good thing. ALWAYS 
ALWAYS know your legal options before you do something this stupid " They 
told wipeout " Just confess and we will pursue it no further, because it did 
no damage.If we have to pursue it we will prosecute to the fullest" WIpeout 
was panic ridden. He was freaking left and right. He called the lawyers and 
they told him he could do 20 Years federal pen, because it was goverment 
computers that were hit. He confessed over the phone not signing anything. " 
NEVER EVER SIGN ANYTHING " They then dropped all charges and told him " THIS 
The moral of this story is... Research find all options and do not do 
anything this stupid without knowing for sure u can't be traced. Take all 
avalible precautions. Remote login, IP Spoofing etc.....


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