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Legion of Doom Sells out

  The Legion of Doom has Sold Out
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   Hackers promote better image
   ComputerWorld June 24, 1991

Houston - Three self-professed members
of the Legion of Doom, one of the most
notorious computer hacker groups to
opererate in the U.S., said the now want
to get paid for their skills.  Along
with a former securities trader, the
members launched a computer security firm
last week called Comsec Data Security
that will show corporations how to keep
hackers out.
	"We have been in the computer
security business for the last 11 years -
just on the different end of the stick,"
said Scott Chasin, who said he once used
the handle Doc Holiday as a Legion of Doom
member.  The group has been defunct since
late last year, Chasin said.
	The start-up firm plans to offer
systems penetration testing, auditing, and
training services as well as security
products.  "We have information that you
can't buy in bookstores: We know why hackers
hack, what motivates them, why they are
curious," Chasin said.
	Already, the start-up has met
with considerable skepticism.
	"Would I hire a safe breaker to
be a security guy at my bank?" asked
John Blackley, information security
administrator at Capital Holding Corp.
in Louisville, Ky. "If they stayed
straight for five to 10 years, I might
reconsider, but 12 to 18 months ago, they
were hackers, and now they have to prove
	"You don't hire known ne'er-do-
wells to come and look at your system,"
said Tom Peletier, and information security
specialist at General Motors Corp. "The
Legion of Doom is a known antiestablishment
group, and although it is good to see they
have a capitalist bent, GM would not hire
these people."
	Comsec already has three contracts
with Fortune 500 firms, Chasin said.
	"I like their approach, and I
am assuming they are legit," said Norman
Sutton, a security consultant at Leemah
Datacom Corp. in Hayward, Calif. His 
firm is close to signing a distribution
pact with Comsec, Sutton said.
	Federal law enforcers have
described the Legion of Doom in indictments,
search warrants and other documents as a
closely knit group of about 15 computer
hackers whose members rerouted calls,
stole and altered data and disrupted 
telephone service by entering telephone
switches, among other activities.
	The group was founded in 1984 and
has had dozens of members pass through
its ranks.  Approximately 12 former
members have been arrested for computer
hacking-related crimes; three former
members are now serving jail sentences;
and at least three others are under
	None of the Comspec founders
have been charged with a computer-
related crime.

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