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BC Tel's misuse of services pamphlet

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               BC-Tel - Misuses of Telephone Service

Fraudulent Long Distance Phone Calls

 Every year, people fall into the trap of trying to make long distance phone
 calls without paying for them.

 This can result in:
  - Substantial costs which are eventually passed on to our entire customer
  - Criminal prosecution of the calling party. (Section 326 if the Criminal
  - Unexpected high phone bills when calls are rebilled to the originating
    telephone. (Section 9, "Terms of Service," BC TEL directory white pages.)

Methods of Fraud Calling
  - Unauthorized third number billing - making a call from one phone and telling
    the operator or automated system to bill the call to another telephone
    without permission.
  - Unauthorized use of a long ditance Calling Card - using someone else's
    Calling Card number without permission.
  - Use of technical devices to trick the telephone system.

 BC-TEL's security department vigorously investigates fraudulent long distance
 calls.  It has several advantages on its side:
  The law - placing fraudulent calls is illegal
  Technology - certain facts are recorded about every long distance call:
    - where the call originated
    - where the call terminated
    - who the call was billed to

 Most illegally placed calls end up on other people's telephone bills.  When
 they refuse to pay up, the calls are investigated by BC TEL.  When we
 determine who made the calls or where they originated, we have several
   - We can write the calls off.  This is rarely done.
   - The calling party can pay for them.
   - We can criminally prosecute the caller.  This usually results in a fine
     or probation and an order to repay.
   - We can bill the calls back to the originating number.  (Section 9 ,"Terms
     of Service," BC TEL directory white pages.)

  When apprehended, most people say they would not have tried to make calls
  like this if they knew it was so easy to get caught.  Every year, this crime
  results in family problems, criminal records and financial burdens for many

Don't get caught in this trap!  If a long distance call is worth making, it's
worth paying for.

Nuisance Phone Calls

 BC TEL's security department also investigates a large number of nuisance
 telephone calls each year.  A nuisance call occurs when someone places
 unwanted calls to another person with intent to harass or alarm that person.

 These calls include:
  - calling and not speaking
  - threats of physical harm or death
  - bomb threats
  - false alarms to fire, police, or other emergency agencies

 When a customer reports a nuisance call to BC TEL, he or she is referred to
 the local police department.  BC TEL and the police then work in conjunction
 to determine who the offending party is.

 The Police have the option of charging the calling party under Section 372
 of the Criminal Code.

 This can result in:
   - a criminal record
   - loss of phone service
   - problems with family and friends.

 The message about nuisance calls is simple: don't use the phone as a weapon
 to resolve problems with other people.

  - BC TEL has the ability to trace calls made on its network.
  - except in unusual casesm BC TEL will insist on prosecution
  - before you make a nuisance call or try to obtain "free" long distance
  service ask yourself, "Is it worth the hassle?"

If you have any other questions, please call collect:

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Section 9, "Terms of Service"
Customer Liability For Calls
  9.1 Customers are responsible for paying all calls originating from, and
      charged calls accepted at their telephones, regardless of who made or
      accepted them.
Dispute Procedure
 10.1 Customers may dispute charges for all calls which they do not believe
      originated from or were accepted at the telephones.  The dispute
      procedure set out in the introductory pages of the telephone directory
      should be followed and customers must pay the undisputed porton of the

Section 326 of Criminal Code
Section 372 of Criminal Code

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