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Computer Access Arrests in NY (PumpCon & OctoberCon)


Computer Access Arrests In NY 11/03/92
GREENBURGH, NEW YORK, U.S.A., 1992 NOV 3 (NB) -- The
Greenburgh, New York Police Department has announced the arrest of
three individuals, Randy P. Sigman, 40; Ronald G. Pinz, Jr, 21; and Byron
J. Woodard, 18 for the alleged crimes of Unauthorized Use Of A computer
and Attempted Computer Trespass, both misdemeanors. Also arrested was
Jason A. Brittain, 22  in satisfaction of a State of Arizona Fugitive From
Justice warrant.

The arrests took place in the midst of an "OctoberCon" or "PumpCon"
party billed as a "hacker get-together" at the Marriott Courtyard Hotel in
Greenburgh. . The arrests were made at approximately 4:00 AM on
Sunday morning, November 1st. The three defendants arrested for
computer crimes were granted $1,000 bail and will be arraigned on
Friday, November 6th.

Newsbytes sources said that the get together, which had attracted up to
sixty people, had dwindled to approximately twenty-five when, at 10:00
Saturday night, the police, in response to noise complaints arrived and
allegedly found computers in use accessing systems over telephone lines.
The police held the twenty-five for questioning and called in Westchester
County Assistant District Attorney Kenneth Citarella, a prosecutor versed
in computer crime, for assistance. During the questioning period, the
information on Brittain as a fugitive from Arizona was obtained and at
4:00 the three alleged criminal trespassers and Brittain were charged.

Both Lt. DeCarlo of the Greenburgh police and Citarella told Newsbytes
that the investigation is continuing and that no further information is
available at this time.

(Barbara E. McMullen & John F. McMullen/19921103)

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