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ICQLite executable trojaning


Title: ICQ Lite executable trojaning
Affected: ICQLite 2003a
Vendor: ICQ Inc
Vendor URL: http://www.icq.com
Risk: Average
Exploitable: Yes
Remote: No
Date: May, 29 2003
Advisory URL: http://www.security.nnov.ru/advisories/icqlite.asp

I. Intro:

ICQ  Lite  is  popular  internet  messenger  software.  This is only ICQ
version  which  requires  no elevated privileges (such as Power User) to
work,  so, it's often used by corporate users and on public computers.

II. Problem:

During installation ICQLite silently adds

 Intercative Users: Full Control

ACE to ACLs for Program Files\ICQ Lite directory.

It  makes  it  possible to replace any executable file in this directory
and to obtain privileges of user launching ICQ Lite.

III. Workaround

Replace   "Full  Control"  with  "Change"  permission  for  installation
directory  and  to "Read" permissions for all executable files (.exe and


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