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ExploreZip (packed) Worm
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K-008: ExploreZip (packed) Worm

(Addition to CIAC Bulletin J-047)

December 1, 1999 18:00 GMT
PROBLEM:       A variant of the ExploreZip Worm (See CIAC Bulletin J-047) is
               spreading rapidly. The new variant is a packed version of the
               original worm and is not detected by existing antivirus
               programs. The worm spreads by sending itself as an attachment
               to e-mail. The worm is destructive, zeroing the contents of
               files and making them unrecoverable.
PLATFORM:      The worm runs on all Windows platforms but Outlook or Exchange
               are needed to spread.
DAMAGE:        The worm zeroes the contents of files making them unrecoverable
               by any reasonable means. The worm specifically targets .h, .c,
               .cpp, .asm, .doc, .xls, and .ppt files.
SOLUTION:      Do not execute an e-mail attachment named zipped_files.exe as
               this is the worm program. Update your antivirus software as
               soon as updates are available.

VULNERABILITY Risk is high: This worm spreads rapidly using your e-mail ASSESSMENT: program to send itself to everyone in your e-mail inbox.
CIAC has information that the ExploreZip (packed) Worm is spreading rapidly. The ExploreZip (packed) Worm is a variant of the ExploreZip worm described in CIAC bulletin J-047. This variant is only different from the original in that it is a packed executable. Packed executables are a form of file compression that is uncompressed on the fly when the program is executed. See the CIAC bulletin J-047 for the details of this worm. The worm spreads as an attachment to an e-mail message that appears to be a reply to a message you have sent. The attachment is named zipped_files.exe and is supposed to be a self extracting archive of documents. When the attachment is run, it checks your e-mail inbox and sends a reply to every message it finds there. In the reply, it adds the text: Hi ! I received your email and I shall send you a reply ASAP. Till then, take a look at the attached zipped docs. bye. and attaches the worm program. After sending the e-mail messages with the attached worm to all your associates, the worm starts zeroing the contents of files with the following file extensions. .h .c. cpp .asm .doc .xls .ppt Because this is a packed version of the original worm, current versions of most antivirus products do not detect it. Updates are already available or are expected momentarily. If you have been infected and need to remove this worm by hand, perform these steps: 1. For Windows 95, 98, open the WIN.INI file and remove the following line: run=C:\windows\system\Explore.exe or run=C:\windows\system\_setup.exe If your windows\system directory is in a different location, then the strings above will also be different. For Windows NT, run REGEDIT and remove the following entry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\Run Value = Explore.exe or _setup.exe 2. Delete the file C:\windows\system\Explore.exe or C:\windows\system\_setup.exe. Again, if your windows\system directory is in a different location, use that path instead of the two listed above.
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