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Viruses reported by Interpol in 2001

Virus alert

Below is a list of computer viruses of which we have recently
become aware.

It should be noted that computer viruses generally spread out
via enclosures attached to messages.

If you receive executable attachment files by e-mail ending in
'.exe', '.com', '.bat', '.shs', '.vbs', etc., please never open
the files and delete them immediately.

Computer Viruses

April 2001

Matcher, Perrin.exe

March 2001

Magistr, Cool, MTX, Vierika, Padania, NakedWife, VBS_STAPLE.A

February 2001

Mandragore, MyBabyPic, Hybris, vbswg.q,Carnival, Onthefly,
vbswg.n, VBSWG.M,VBSWG.L, onthefly.b, Totilix, Heuristic, Ramen,
Valentine, San, Cartolina

January 2001

Bymer, RC5, Navidad.b, CIH, AOL, Qaz, NetBus, SubSeven,
PrettyPark, Kriz, Mip, Eight941, Ethan, Universe, Mcon,
Melissa.W, Melissa, Santa (Palm), Demiurg, Davinia,Neworld,
Pirus, BleBla, Zhymn, Wyx, Jean, Tqll

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