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McAfee's response to the allegation that they will turn a blind eye to "Magic Lantern"

Now that we have McAfee on the record, let's go back to the Associated 
Press article from last week. It's written by Ted Bridis, a careful 
reporter, and says:

    At least one antivirus software company, McAfee Corp., contacted the
    FBI on Wednesday to ensure its software wouldn't inadvertently detect
    the bureau's snooping software and alert a criminal suspect.

Perhaps Ted can elaborate?

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From: "Lewis, Marisa" <Marisa_Lewis@mcafee.com>
To: "'Declan McCullagh'" <declan@well.com>
Subject: RE: Has McAfee sided with FBI on "Magic Lantern" detection?
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 12:22:40 -0800

Dear Sir/Madam:

1.  Network Associates/McAfee.com Corporation has not contacted the FBI, nor
has the FBI contacted NAI/McAfee.com Corp., regarding Magic Lantern.

2.  We do not expect the FBI to contact Network Associates/McAfee.com
Corporation regarding Magic Lantern.

3.  Network Associates/McAfee.com Corp. is not going to speculate on Magic
Lantern as it's existence has not even been confirmed by the FBI or any
government agency.

4.  Network Associates/McAfee.com Corporation does and will continue to
comply with any and all U.S. laws and legislation.

Marisa Lewis
Investor Relations Manager
McAfee.com Corporation
535 Oakmead Parkway
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
408-992-8100 phone
408-720-8450 fax

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