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CD Audio protection bypass
14th May 2002 [SBWID-5343]

	Cd protection bypass


	CD Audio


	Editor\'s note =============

	This news might just  be  pure  hype,  yet  it  would  be  so  juicy  if
	confirmed to be true, that we just can\'t resist the  pleasure  to  leak
	it out. Good reading.


	Thanks to some news NoNo forwarded :

	For those of you  who\'ve  been  worried  about  the  new  round  of  CD
	copy-protection systems making their way into the market, Chip.de  seems
	to have found a  solution.  Apparently  the  new  data  systems  can  be
	bypassed by drawing a ring around the CD using a permanent  marker.  The
	data that  copyrights  the  CD  is  stored  along  the  outer  edge--and
	blacking the final track appears to completely remove the restriction.

	If true, this is an  extremely  ironic  development.  Millions  (if  not
	more) have been poured into developing  this  data  protection  systems,
	only to have them undone by a marker that costs less then a buck.




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