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To the urban warrior... SURVIVE!

'Planning Ahead'

Every self respecting hacker or phone phreak should plan ahead. In this
phile I hope to show you how and what to take when you have to make a
break for it.

I. Know Thy Neigborhood
Knowing your neighborhood is the only defence you have. First make a map
of the areas you intend to be and take it with you. Believe me it will
come in handy. Next have a place where you can stash a sup- ply of
food,equipment etc. This area should be easily accesible but impossible to
find from the air. Also you will need a place to stay for the first couple
of nights... Also if you are attending school, DON'T go there...That is
the first place that they will look for you.

II. Taketh Supplies
Here are a few things that are a definite must to take with you.

Test Set
7/16" Socket wrench
Clothing (personal choice)
Hammer or small crowbar
Pliers (vice grip tm)
Two (2) pair of shoes
All incriminating printouts
And one days supply of high protein

All of this should be kept at your
'stash' area.

III. On the Road
Although I would recommend staying at a friends (more on this later)
having a fairly good idea of where you're going is important. I would
suggest somwhere near your domicile but not near enough to attract

IV. A Friend in Need...
Having a friend who will put you up for the night is the best thing you
could hope for. Such a friend is one who:

Has no connection to you (meaning computers,phones etc.) Has some idea of
what you do, but won't spill the beans. Has laid back parents. And is
willing to cover for you.

V. After
Now say it's been awhile since you've been away...arrange for a meeting
point between you and some- one who knows if the heat is on or not...if
not go back to your stash point and get ready for some 'wiretap' checking.
First go to the bridging head that your parents phone line is on. Look for
any type device or wire that shouldn't be there. If there is one simply
hook it on to someone else's wire pair. Now carefully scout the box on the
pole..repeat above procedure if necessary. Now carefully enter your yard
and look inside that box.. repeat above if necessary. Now if everthing is
O.K. it is safe for you to go home..Still i would recommend that you
check for internal wiretaps..

          The Berzerker

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