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Computer Hackers News Bibliography (1984-1990)

                Computer Hackers News Articles
                         Compiled By
                          Bob Krause

     The following is a list of articles that I have found concerning the
computer underground in various magazines and news-papers. The list is in
chronological order. If you know of an article that should be included in
this list or correction, send me the information and I will add it to the

Nov 18  '90  Crackdown on computer crime is raising question of computer
             Chicago Tribune pg.17
Oct 29  '90  Users paying big price for PBX fraud.
             Network World pg.1
Oct 28  '89  Halting hackers.
             The Economist pg.18
Oct 15  '90  Target: The Corporate PBX
             Information Week pg.24
Sept 9  '90  Can invaders be stopped but civil liberties upheld?
             The New York Times pg.F12
Sept 1  '90  United States v Zod
             The Economist pg.23
Sept    '90  Digital Desperados; hackers indictments raise constitutional
             Scientific American pg.34
Aug 26  '90  The rights of computer users.
             Los Angles Times pg.D9
Aug 22  '90  Open sesame; in the arcane culture of computer hackers, few
             doors stay closed.
             The Wall Street Journal pg.A1
Aug 20  '90  NY State Police round up hackers.
             Computerworld pg.99
Aug 17  '90  U.S. Arrests boy, 5 others in computer hacker case.
             The Wall Street Journal pg.82
Aug 6   '90  Computer anarchism calls for a tough response.
             Business Week pg.72
Aug 6   '90  Charges dropped against alleged BellSouth hacker.
             Telephony pg.12
July 30 '90  Hacker trial begins in Chicago.
             Computerworld pg.8
July 30 '90  'Hacking' crackdown is dealt a setback in trial in Chicago
             The Wall Street Journal pg.B3
July 21 '90  Crackdown on hackers 'may violate civil rights'.
             New Scientist pg.22
July 21 '90  Group to defend civil rights of hackers founded by computer
             industry pioneer.
             The Wall Street Journal pg.B4
July 10 '90  Group to fight for computer users' rights.
             Los Angles Times pg.D5
July 10 '90  Computer hackers plead guilty in case involving BellSouth.
             The Wall Street Journal pg.84
July 2  '90  Hackers of the World, Unite!
             Newsweek pg.36
May 21  '90  Throwing the book at computer hackers.
             Business Week pg.148
May 14  '90  Justice failed in refusing to make Morris an example.
             Computerworld pg.23
May 14  '90  Morris sentence spurs debate.
             Computerworld pg.128
May 14  '90  Wheels of justice grind to a halt in 'worm' case.
             PC Week pg.16
May 7   '90  Three-year probation for Morris.
             Computerworld pg.1
May     '90  Just say No
             Communications of the ACM pg.477
May     '90  Uncovering the mystery of Shadowhawk.
             Security Management pg.26
Apr 30  '90  The hacker dragnet: the Feds put a trail on computer crooks -
             and sideswipe a few innocent bystanders.  Newsweek pg.50
March 26'90  Internet interloper targets hacker critics.
             Computerworld pg.127
March   '90  Cyber Thrash
             SPIN pg.24
March   '90  Is Computer Hacking a Crime?
             Harper's pg.45
Wntr    '90  Comp. crime and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986
             Computer Law Journal pg.71
Feb 19  '90  Morris code.
             The New Republic pg.15
Feb 12  '90  Alleged hackers charged wit theft of BellSouth 911 data.
             Telephony pg.10
Feb 12  '90  Babes in high-tech toyland nabbed.
             Computerworld pg.8
Feb 11  '90  Revenge on the nerds; sure, jail our hackers - who needs
             software stars anyway?
             Washington Post pg.C5
Feb 9   '90  Hacked to pieces.
             New Statesman and Society pg.27
Feb 2   '90  Prevention is better than cure.
             Public Finance and Accountancy pg.9
Jan 5   '90  Computer hacking: is a new law needed.
             Public Finance and Accountancy pg.7
Feb 7   '90  Four charged with scheme against phones.
             The Wall Street Journal pg.B5
Dec 4   '89  Hackers: Is a cure worse than the disease?
             Business Week pg.37
Sept    '89  Free the hacker two.
             Harper's Magazine pg.22
June 19 '89  Hacker invades So. Bell switch.
             Telephony pg.11
June    '89  Consensual realities in cyberspace
             Communication of the ACM pg.664
Apr 3   '89  Strong scruples can curb computer crime.
             Computerworld pg.100
March 9 '90  Hackers revealed as spies.
             Nature pg.108
March 6 '89  Are ATM's easy targets for crooks?
             Business Week pg.30
Feb 20  '89  Prison term for first U.S. hacker-law convict.
             Computerworld pg.1
Jan 9   '89  Hacker prosecution: suspect held, denied phone access by
             district court.
             Computerworld pg.2
Jan 9   '89  Drop the phone: busting a computer whiz.
             Time pg.49
Dec 26  '88  The Cyberpunk
             People pg.50
Dec 11  '88  Computer intruder is urged by authorities to contact the
             laboratory he invaded.
             The New York Times pg.24
Nov 14  '88  Portrait of an artist as a young hacker.
             Computerworld pg.6
Nov     '88  Robopsychology
             Omni pg.42
Aug 1   '88  Is your computer Secure?
             Business Week pg.64
Apr 28  '88  Hacker runs rings around military security.
             New Scientist pg.25
April   '88  Computer hackers follow Guttman-like progression.
             Sociology and Social Research pg.199
Oct     '87  Brian Reid, A Graphics Tale of a Hacker Tracker
             Communications of the ACM pg.820
April   '86  Positive Alternatives: A report on an ACM Panel on Hacking
             Communications of the ACM pg.297
Jan     '84  Hacking away at morality.
             Communications of the ACM pg.8

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