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Books of interest to hackers

09. What are some books of interest to hackers?

General Computer Security

  Computer Security Basics
  Author: Deborah Russell and G.T. Gengemi Sr.
  Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
  Copyright Date: 1991
  ISBN: 0-937175-71-4

           This is an excellent book.  It gives a broad overview of
           computer security without sacrificing detail.  A must read for
           the beginning security expert.

  Computer Security Management
  Author: Karen Forcht
  Publisher: Boyd and Fraser
  Copyright Date: 1994
  ISBN: 0-87835-881-1

  Information Systems Security
  Author: Philip Fites and Martin Kratz
  Publisher: Van Nostrad Reinhold
  Copyright Date: 1993
  ISBN: 0-442-00180-0

  Computer Related Risks
  Author: Peter G. Neumann
  Publisher: Addison-Wesley
  Copyright Date: 1995
  ISBN: 0-201-55805-X

  Computer Security Management
  Author: Karen Forcht
  Publisher: boyd & fraser publishing company
  Copyright Date: 1994
  ISBN: 0-87835-881-1

N The Stephen Cobb Complete Book of PC and LAN Security
  Author: Stephen Cobb
  Publisher: Windcrest Books
  Copyright Date: 1992
  ISBN: 0-8306-9280-0 (hardback) 0-8306-3280-8 (paperback)

N Security in Computing
  Author: Charles P. Pfleeger
  Publisher: Prentice Hall
  Copyright Date: 1989
  ISBN: 0-13-798943-1.

N Building a Secure Computer System
  Author: Morrie Gasser
  Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., New York.
  Copyright Date:
  ISBN: 0-442-23022-2

N Modern Methods for Computer Security
  Author: Lance Hoffman
  Publisher: Prentice Hall
  Copyright Date: 1977

N Windows NT 3.5 Guidelines for Security, Audit and Control
  Publisher: Microsoft Press
  Copyright Date:
  ISBN: 1-55615-814-9

Unix System Security

  Practical Unix Security
  Author: Simson Garfinkel and Gene Spafford
  Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
  Copyright Date: 1991
  ISBN: 0-937175-72-2

           Finally someone with a very firm grasp of Unix system security
           gets down to writing a book on the subject.  Buy this book.
           Read this book.

  Firewalls and Internet Security
  Author: William Cheswick and Steven Bellovin
  Publisher: Addison Wesley
  Copyright Date: 1994
  ISBN: 0-201-63357-4

  Unix System Security
  Author: Rik Farrow
  Publisher: Addison Wesley
  Copyright Date: 1991
  ISBN: 0-201-57030-0

  Unix Security: A Practical Tutorial
  Author: N. Derek Arnold
  Publisher: McGraw Hill
  Copyright Date: 1993
  ISBN: 0-07-002560-6

  Unix System Security: A Guide for Users and Systems Administrators
  Author: David A. Curry
  Publisher: Addison-Wesley
  Copyright Date: 1992
  ISBN: 0-201-56327-4

  Unix System Security
  Author: Patrick H. Wood and Stephen G. Kochan
  Publisher: Hayden Books
  Copyright Date: 1985
  ISBN: 0-672-48494-3

  Unix Security for the Organization
  Author: Richard Bryant
  Publisher: Sams
  Copyright Date: 1994
  ISBN: 0-672-30571-2

Network Security

  Network Security Secrets
  Author: David J. Stang and Sylvia Moon
  Publisher: IDG Books
  Copyright Date: 1993
  ISBN: 1-56884-021-7

           Not a total waste of paper, but definitely not worth the
           $49.95 purchase price.  The book is a rehash of previously
           published information.  The only secret we learn from reading
           the book is that Sylvia Moon is a younger woman madly in love
           with the older David Stang.

  Complete Lan Security and Control
  Author: Peter Davis
  Publisher: Windcrest / McGraw Hill
  Copyright Date: 1994
  ISBN: 0-8306-4548-9 and 0-8306-4549-7

  Network Security
  Author: Steven Shaffer and Alan Simon
  Publisher: AP Professional
  Copyright Date: 1994
  ISBN: 0-12-638010-4


  Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C
  Author: Bruce Schneier
  Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
  Copyright Date: 1994
  ISBN: 0-471-59756-2

           Bruce Schneier's book replaces all other texts on
           cryptography.  If you are interested in cryptography, this is
           a must read.  This may be the first and last book on
           cryptography you may ever need to buy.

  Cryptography and Data Security
  Author: Dorothy Denning
  Publisher: Addison-Wesley Publishing Co.
  Copyright Date: 1982
  ISBN: 0-201-10150-5

  Protect Your Privacy: A Guide for PGP Users
  Author: William Stallings
  Publisher: Prentice-Hall
  Copyright Date: 1994
  ISBN: 0-13-185596-4

Programmed Threats

  The Little Black Book of Computer Viruses
  Author: Mark Ludwig
  Publisher: American Eagle Publications
  Copyright Date: 1990
  ISBN: 0-929408-02-0

           The original, and still the best, book on computer viruses.
           No media hype here, just good clean technical information.

  Computer Viruses, Artificial Life and Evolution
  Author: Mark Ludwig
  Publisher: American Eagle Publications
  Copyright Date: 1993
  ISBN: 0-929408-07-1

  Computer Viruses, Worms, Data Diddlers, Killer Programs, and Other
           Threats to Your System
  Author: John McAfee and Colin Haynes
  Publisher: St. Martin's Press
  Copyright Date: 1989
  ISBN: 0-312-03064-9 and 0-312-02889-X

  The Virus Creation Labs: A Journey Into the Underground
  Author: George Smith
  Publisher: American Eagle Publications
  Copyright Date: 1994


  Engineering and Operations in the Bell System
  Author: R.F. Rey
  Publisher: Bell Telephont Laboratories
  Copyright Date: 1983
  ISBN: 0-932764-04-5

           Although hopelessly out of date, this book remains *THE* book
           on telephony.  This book is 100% Bell, and is loved by phreaks
           the world over.

  Telephony: Today and Tomorrow
  Author: Dimitris N. Chorafas
  Publisher: Prentice-Hall
  Copyright Date: 1984
  ISBN: 0-13-902700-9

  The Telecommunications Fact Book and Illustrated Dictionary
  Author: Ahmed S. Khan
  Publisher: Delmar Publishers, Inc.
  Copyright Date: 1992
  ISBN: 0-8273-4615-8

           I find this dictionary to be an excellent reference book on
           telephony, and I recommend it to anyone with serious
           intentions in the field.

N Tandy/Radio Shack Cellular Hardware
  Author: Judas Gerard and Damien Thorn
  Publisher: Phoenix Rising Communications
  Copyright Date: 1994

N The Phone Book
  Author: Carl Oppendahl
  Publisher: Consumer Reports
  Copyright Date:
  ISBN: 0-89043-364-x

           Listing of every cellular ID in the us, plus roaming ports,
           and info numbers for each carrier.

N Principles of Caller I.D.
  Publisher: International MicroPower Corp.
  Copyright Date:

Hacking History and Culture

  The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier
  Author: Bruce Sterling
  Publisher: Bantam Books
  Copyright Date: 1982
  ISBN: 0-553-56370-X

           Bruce Sterling has recently released the book FREE to the net.
           The book is much easier to read in print form, and the
           paperback is only $5.99.  Either way you read it, you will be
           glad you did.  Mr. Sterling is an excellent science fiction
           author and has brought his talent with words to bear on the
           hacking culture.  A very enjoyable reading experience.

  Author: Katie Hafner and John Markoff
  Publisher: Simon and Schuster
  Copyright Date: 1991
  ISBN: 0-671-77879-X

  The Cuckoo's Egg
  Author: Cliff Stoll
  Publisher: Simon and Schuster
  Copyright Date: 1989
  ISBN: 0-671-72688-9

  Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution
  Author: Steven Levy
  Publisher: Doubleday
  Copyright Date: 1984
  ISBN: 0-440-13495-6


  The Hacker's Handbook
  Author: Hugo Cornwall
  Publisher: E. Arthur Brown Company
  Copyright Date:
  ISBN: 0-912579-06-4

  Secrets of a Super Hacker
  Author: The Knightmare
  Publisher: Loompanics
  Copyright Date: 1994
  ISBN: 1-55950-106-5

           The Knightmare is no super hacker.  There is little or no real
           information in this book.  The Knightmare gives useful advice
           like telling you not to dress up before going trashing.
           The Knightmare's best hack is fooling Loompanics into
           publishing this garbage.

  The Day The Phones Stopped
  Author: Leonard Lee
  Publisher: Primus / Donald I Fine, Inc.
  Copyright Date: 1992
  ISBN: 1-55611-286-6

           Total garbage.  Paranoid delusions of a lunatic.  Less factual
           data that an average issue of the Enquirer.

  Information Warfare
  Author: Winn Swartau
  Publisher: Thunder Mountain Press
  Copyright Date: 1994
  ISBN: 1-56025-080-1

  An Illustrated Guide to the Techniques and Equipment of Electronic Warfare
  Author: Doug Richardson
  Publisher: Salamander Press
  Copyright Date:
  ISBN: 0-668-06497-8

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