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China Phone Jamming Attempted

  15-JUN-89  China Phone Jamming Attempted

              From Cheshire Catalyst

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Some Chinese students in the United States are trying
to tie up Chinese government telephone lines set up for informants in hopes of
blocking Beijing residents from turning in pro-democracy demonstrators.

   The students are paying for the calls with their own money and with funds
raised in recent weeks to support the pro-democracy movement, which the Chinese
government is trying to crush.

   One Stanford University student, who requested that his name not be used,
said he called a Beijing hot line and spoke with an operator for 20 minutes.

  ``I called and made up a lie about someone I wanted to report last night,''
the student said Wednesday. ``We talked for about 10 minutes, then I told her
it was a white lie, and we talked for another 10 minutes.

  ``I told her that there were 3,000 people killed by soldiers, that I had seen

pictures and knew this from the BBC, CBS, The New York Times and other
newspapers,'' the student continued.

   ``She said if I were Chinese I would have a conscience and believe my own
government. I said if she were a real Chinese she would have a conscience and
not report to the government on the students.''

   He said the operator paused, then hung up.

   A nationwide computer bulletin board used by Chinese university students in
this country lists about a dozen Beijing hot lines that residents of the
capital are supposed to use to report the whereabouts of known dissidents.

   The bulletin board also contains numerous suggestions on how to jam the
lines, thereby keeping informants from being able to use them.

   ``Some people have proposed that everyone call collect, or to call and
let:it ring, then hang up,'' said Liu Dianding, a graduate student who has read
the electronic mail at Stanford University.

   Students across the United Sates reportedly have raised tens of thousands of
dollars in recent weeks to help support their country's pro-democracy movement.
Stanford students say they have raised about $100,000.

   The students say they don't#[\ow if their calls are having much impact, but
they remain determined.

   ``If we change people's minds, little by little, then one billion people
will know the truth,'' said Liu.

       Copyright 1989 Associated Press


Those numbers, by the way are:


  The Chinese students are attempting to tie up these numbers and cause chaos
as much as possible. They particularly want to know if it's possible to do any
more with our hacking knowledge. Any ideas????

BTW, all of those numbers are presumed to be in Beijing, which, as indicated
above uses city code 1. The country code is 86, also shown above.

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